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  1. AnimalTurismo

    Comment by 'AnimalTurismo' in media 'F1 Super Formula Brabham BT49 Nelson Piquet (1979) (1)'

    I can feel the fight Piquet had with Salazar today.
  2. AnimalTurismo


    I forgot to introduce myself, so let me introduce now. My name is Akid Danial, but you can call me Cross (lol, not that Need for Speed Cross.), or Akiddo. I'm a 17 year old male from Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. How did you find GTPlanet? I'm pretty sure I found this website before in...
  3. AnimalTurismo

    Words I Hate

    The word "Boss" probably ticks me off tbh.
  4. AnimalTurismo

    Buttkicker for GT5 Pro!!!

    Dude I legit thought you mean "ButtKicker" as in some kind of a tough ass-kicking machine.
  5. AnimalTurismo

    Experiment: Animal Crossing gameplay, but with Gran Turismo 2 sound effects and music

    As you guys have already known by my username, I love both Animal Crossing and Gran Turismo. Everyone else has seem to done something like, swapping GT Sport's sound effects and music with the older GT games, or swapping GT Sports with a sound effects and music from a different videogame...