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    Anyone else dissapointed in Shift 2?

    Not sure if it is better then GT5 or Forza or anything but it sure as heck is fun to drive, once I got the settings on the G27 right. The sense of speed is what makes this enjoyable and as long as I am actually playing it and it's not on my shelf with GT5 then I am happy.
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    SHIFT2 Unleashed: PSN Users Index (Continued)

    Taxi1974/ chasetaxi canada
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    Shift 2 Unleashed Photomode

    I have a question, where do I find the pictures I have taken on the ps3 version and can I use them for wallpaper on the ps3 home screen? Thanks in advance.
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    Canadians, get your G27 at NCIX

    They have everything you need, I just picked up a Raceroom Playseat with all the trimmings, including a Buttkicker. These guys rock, super fast shipping in Canada and amazing customer service. You can send them an e-mail and they respond or call them and they actually pick up the phone...
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    Buttkicker for GT5 Pro!!!

    Almost the exact setup for me, Yamaha instead of Marantz and 7 speakers instead of 5. My mini concert arrives tomorrow and I was preparing for different hook-up options. I will use yours, thank you sir. 👍 What is your kicker attached to?
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    GT5 Latest News & Discussion

    I walked up to my local Wal-Mart game guy and asked him if he knows the release date of GT5. I was just kidding and also curious to hear his response. "It was suppose to be released already, but it is being stamped and shipped out, we expect it this week." The kid was super eager to tell...
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    GT5 Latest News & Discussion

    Maybe.... we are not getting the full effective of his surround system? Maybe.... his center channel is drowning out his other surround speakers?'s how he has set the sound settings within the game? I am not sure but it looked amazing.
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    GT5 Latest News & Discussion

    I keep looking out the window waiting for the Purolater guy to gonna show up, my family is getting fed up with me. lol
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    GT5 Latest News & Discussion

    Agreed, it's probably not an official twitter account. The usa account states official.
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    GT5 delayed

    Yesterday I snapped a screen capture of the GT5 @ with the release date of Nov 16, 2010 and today the changed it to Dec 7, 2010. With all the speculation of a release date, why would they risk creditability and change it today?
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    GT5 Latest News & Discussion

    December 7, 2010
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    GT5 delayed

    They changed the release date today on the Canadian Why would they change it today?
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    GT5 Latest News & Discussion

    Well the Canadian just changed it's date from Nov 16, 2010 to Dec 7, 2010. They just updated it today??
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    GT5 Latest News & Discussion

    I just made my pre-order with today and it states November 16, 2010 as the release date.