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  1. Marcus Bakker

    DIRT 5 DLC Coming This Year, With "Free Content for All Players"

    All I want is more tracks in multiplayer. Sick of playing the 3-4 tracks on multiplayer.
  2. Marcus Bakker

    DIRT 5's 13 Car Classes Cover Every Type of Off-Road Racer

    Has some Motorstorm vibes... I'm in :-)
  3. Marcus Bakker

    Assetto Corsa Competizione Hands-On Preview

    Interested that playing with a controller now seems possible. Have a wheel for PS4, but no way to move that towards the location of the PC (or the other way around :-) ).
  4. Marcus Bakker

    Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes W08 F1 Car Is Coming to Gran Turismo Sport

    Damn! Don't you just love the enthusiasm of the GT Sport community? Love it. :-)
  5. Marcus Bakker

    GT Sport 1.12 Update Now Available

    What does the red dot mean exactly?
  6. Marcus Bakker

    NEW EXPLOIT - Tyre "healing" without stopping

    Those tyre wear races are my favourite too :-(. Always drive those daily races.
  7. Marcus Bakker

    Turn off Low Fuel Warning?

    It's a huge pain in today's Nordschleife race. That warning sentence is on for whole last lap!
  8. Marcus Bakker

    More Wet-Weather Tracks Are Coming to Gran Turismo Sport

    Yep totally agree. First some more tracks. Actually, driving is the rain is a real pain after a while. They have it in Forza, but prefer dry races.
  9. Marcus Bakker

    Codemasters Reveals Off-Road Racer ONRUSH

    In the end, it all boils down to how much fun this is online. I'm a huge Motorstorm fan (less on Apocalypse) and we haven't had a decent PS4 arcade racer since. Hope it's not 200 mph the whole time as I love to look back and see where the other racers are. Importantly, it's something new in the...
  10. Marcus Bakker

    What will you be buying?

    I'm also in the luxurious position of having XBox One and PS4. Only bought the XBox for FH3, and afterwards bought Forza 6 which I love. Love the online features in Forza where you can compete in different classes online. At the moment undecided, will definitely buy one of them, leaning towards...
  11. Marcus Bakker

    FH3 Hot Wheels Expansion - Now Available

    I'm really excited! This is something quite unique, and it looks like fun, isn't that what it's all about? If I want to do serious sim racing (and I enjoy that as well), I'll play Grand Turismo or Forza Motorsport. To be honest, any "standard" expansion like Blizzard Mountain would have bored...
  12. Marcus Bakker

    Renault Sport Clio R.S. Super Lap

    Thanks! Got gold at last, and a very decent 54.276 time for a noob driver like myself. :-)
  13. Marcus Bakker

    Super Willow Springs - 20 miles

    Thanks! Was having trouble with the Willow Springs 20 mile race. My Veyron just too thirsty. modded my Rocket, and I won! Fun to drive as well.