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  1. MBarry

    Finished SNAIL Gr4-Michelin Pilot Cup Challenge Season 1 Champions: GTR4MROD(GS)/ MrDonovan(TCR) Congrats!!!

    I was in my own third class lol. Best I could get was 1:31.5. couldnt stay in the draft long enough. All cars just drove right around me and couldn't keep up in the corners with the RH
  2. MBarry

    Finished **COMPLETED** SNAIL-Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge: Congratulations to Rob Brown, Season 1 Champion.

    just waiting for my game to finish updating. at 70%. hopefully not too much longer
  3. MBarry

    Finished SNAIL-Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Event #12 Winner: Phlano_099, and our Season 2 Champion: Roman_GT23

    I am returning for Season 2 in my current car/team and number as is
  4. MBarry

    Series Cancelled: Lamborghini Super Trofeo Cup, 5 of 8 events Completed

    hey guys! i’d like to join the action:)