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  1. finnracer

    Gran Turismo 7: Latest news and discussion thread (Delayed)

    Not been this excited about GT in years, it's good to have that feeling again :O
  2. finnracer

    Automation-Car Company Tycoon

    The boxer 6's sound fantastic! I very much enjoyed driving my 'Corsche Payman' ;)
  3. finnracer

    Forza horizon 4 is announced

    Looks fantastic, although being able to pre-order the planned expansions via the expensive version of the game feels like day one dlc taken even further, leaves a bit of a sour taste in the mouth for me.
  4. finnracer

    Gran Turismo Sport - Master Car List

    A minor point/typo, but the Swift Sport is currently listed as N300 rather than N100.
  5. finnracer

    May Update

    Maybe the bottom left car is that mad one off Clio Renault made with the engine and gearbox from the Megane Trophy?
  6. finnracer

    Forza Motorsport 7: Specialty Dealer

    The Chrysler is a really fun driving car, also like the left-fieldness of a classic Muscle Car with a big I6!
  7. finnracer

    2018 Honda Civic Type-R

    Drove this for the first time today. Good to drive for a fwd Hot Hatch, but I am left thinking Forza have made it rather OP. Despite having the same power and torque as the 2016 model, 245 vs 235 tyres and a little more weight it is rated 50 PI higher (573 vs 523). What is even more surprising...
  8. finnracer

    New Update Incoming on 27th of April

    Here we go again...
  9. finnracer

    April DLC Thread - Out Now

    I think a certain Failrace has proven the Odyssey is a rather fun car to race!
  10. finnracer

    You Can Now Find iRacing in Gran Turismo Sport (But it's Probably Not What You Think)

    I didn't know a certain Mr Trump had an account of here?
  11. finnracer

    Forza Motorsport 7: March Car Pack + Content Update

    The Kia is about 5 sec faster around Suzuka in my hands, mostly because it is 361kg lighter (2:29.9 vs 2:34.9)!
  12. finnracer

    Forza Motorsport 7: Specialty Dealer

    I'm gonna guess there will be a Nissan Titan, a Nissan Titan and a Nissan Titan in there this week 👍
  13. finnracer

    GT Sport's Next Major Content Update Due At Month's End

    I see: Top Row - Alpine A110, Lambo Aventador, Impreza S208(?), Supra Turbo '88 Second - Tuned GT86 (?), Lambo Urraco(?), Audi R8, Mustang Mach 1 Third - No idea?, New Alpine, Classic Camaro, Senna's Lotus 98T
  14. finnracer

    Forza Motorsport 7: Specialty Dealer

    Well it appears we have the 340R and RS4 in the dealer as well as the 70's Skyline GTR returning. Managed to get the #55 RS4 and #56 340R!
  15. finnracer

    Forza Motorsport 7 - Free Hyundai Car Pack

    I found it to be faster than the Golf R and Audi RS3 around Suzuka!
  16. finnracer

    I'm bored...already...

    What happened to the rule on here where you had to have at least 100 (?) posts before you could post a new thread? Would help prevent a lot of the duplicates that seem to appear so often in the GT Sport section.
  17. finnracer

    Your daily workout gift

    Got an almighty Peugeot RCZ GT Line today! Actually has quite a good chassis for a fwd car, and managed to lap Suzuka >4 sec faster than the identically powered but 200kg lighter (!) Alfa Mito. :cheers:
  18. finnracer

    Forza 7 Specialty Dealer Update: The British Invasion

    Not bought the Rolls Royce yet as I am rather starved of credits but managed to get the #104 Range Rover and #154 Mini. The Mini is a really nice hatch to drive, in my hands it also managed a slightly quicker(!) lap of Suzuka than the JCW GP model, feeling a lot more adjustable and forgiving...
  19. finnracer

    Patch 1.10 - new single player mode "GT League"

    My interest in GT Sport has just spiked considerably! Well done to PD for bringing this about so quick.
  20. finnracer

    Forza Motorsport 7: General Discussion

    Does anybody know if a DFGT will work with the PC version of the game?