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  1. No46_TheDoctor

    WARNING !!!!Problems replacing Pot's on G25 pedals.

    Sorry to hear you guys are having problems with those pots, I wouldn't have recommended them if they hadn't worked perfect for me.
  2. No46_TheDoctor

    GT5's Eiger track from the cockpit of an F-18

    Virtually that is........... There isn't a track there in real life, this just the location the track is loosely based on, you can see the start area of the track where the buildings are and also, in the video you can see the dirt tracks that make up the last section of the long rally course...
  3. No46_TheDoctor

    FM Vs GT - Discussion Thread (read the first post before you post)

    I agree with that, a 24 hour race without realistic time and weather change isn't at all realistic.
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    Multi-Screen Setup finally available in GT5

    How do you find these monitors ? Is there much lag with them ?
  5. No46_TheDoctor

    New Thrustmaster F1 Wheel?

    It might only be one centimetre on each side, but you are only talking about 30 centimetres to start with, it's all about the percentages.
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    DLC release discussion (Some note in first post)

    I fear this may be the price we have to pay for letting game saves work on any system, given the choice, since I have had a PS3 fail recently, I'm happy to live with this restriction. But they maybe could have warned people a bit better just before they clicked "purchase".
  7. No46_TheDoctor

    GT5 Spec 2.0 Polyphony Digital appreciation thread.

    Yes, very happy with Spec II and the DLC, fortunately I bought the DLC with my GT5 account so no problems for me. More tracks please PD, I have money burning a whole in my bank account wanting to build a virtual silverstone, etc. @ Toronado, maybe instead of wasting your life complaining...
  8. No46_TheDoctor

    Turn on/off specific display components?

    I'd be happy with a option to show/hide HUD which can be mapped to a button on my wheel, instead of having to pause, press about five or six buttons just to find out the gap to the car infront/behind !!!! Either that or some sort of Virtual Pit Board is a must.
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    G27 quick release mod

    Since you've changed your original post, forget about what I previosly said !!!
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    g27 wont stay alined

    Welcome to the dodgy G25/27 club ! As you can see from here ,it's a widely known problem that started with the G25 and Logitech failed to address it, it really is quite increadible. Here's the fix.......... The fix works, I put up with a wheel losing centre...
  11. No46_TheDoctor

    The Premium Cockpit Thread

    Don't want to rain on your parade, but any videos I've seen of the vision racer being used look like someone driving a jelly ! Seriously, there is so much movement in it I think I'd get sea sick, premium ? Only in price as far as I have seen.
  12. No46_TheDoctor

    The Thrustmaster T500RS Thread

    If you buy a complete PC system and one thing goes faulty, you have to return the whole damn thing, and I mean even the keyboard and mouse if you want your warranty honoured, you cannot open the PC case because it will have tamper proof stickers on it. On the other hand, if you build your own...
  13. No46_TheDoctor

    New Thrustmaster F1 Wheel?

    The only time I need to turn my G25 past an angle where I need to change hand positions is when I crash ! If you are partial to the odd bit of drifting then no, this whell will be no use, normal driving however would be fine ?, and I look at it as more of a SuperGT car style wheel than an F1...
  14. No46_TheDoctor

    Anyone Seen This? Red Bull Cockpit

    Be better using 3/4 plywood and GRP to strengthen the joints, thats how I'd replicate that design.
  15. No46_TheDoctor

    Now enjoying GT5 with New bench setup and G27 :D

    What don't you like about the 3D ? Im trying to decide on either 3D or 3 Screen setup, am I right in saying that TV has active shutter glasses?
  16. No46_TheDoctor

    DFP Homemade Sequential Shifter

    Anyone interested in making their own shifter that can take anything you can throw at it and feels "real", forget about the springs and oil filled shocks, watch this video, trust me, it works perfectly, is adjustable for resistance and will last for ever, and most importantly is simple.
  17. No46_TheDoctor

    The best way to play GT5 ? Imagine if that thing worked with the PS Eye for head tracking, and of course if head tracking worked throughout GT5!
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    Physics Flaw

    How long do they last ? And difference in lap times would be a good idea to try.
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    SSRacingUK's Videos (Added night/wet race)

    Added another one..............