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  1. bobby2227

    Physical injuries

    I don't use a wheel (but will probably have to soon!) and I suffer major problems with left hand, mainly in thumb joint area plus right throttle finger. Put this down to age though!
  2. bobby2227


    Forgive me for not being fully up to date but has something changed with penalties this week? All my races at Maggiore (nations/daily/manf) have been crazy for inappropriate penalties both for me but also others. Also the "professional foul" seems to be rife now with idiots taking advantage. At...
  3. bobby2227

    Will PD add more F1 or Single seater cars?

    For me the whole essence of Gran Turismo is "sports" cars in its widest sense so I dont think single seaters have a place in the game at all. I would love to see more GT3 cars and also some classic racing cars from the 60/70/80's. Porsche 917, Ferrari 312P, Alfa Romeo T33, McLaren M6 & M8, Lola...
  4. bobby2227

    POLL: How old are the GT sport players ?

    67 this week
  5. bobby2227

    Headlights flashing

    I think most DS3 users do it by accident because the default setting for flashing is the left joystick press and when you are braking/cornering it's very easy to press down as well as steer. I disabled this on my DS3.
  6. bobby2227

    Describe GT Sport in 1 word

  7. bobby2227

    Gran Turismo Sport 1.38 Update Now Available: Five New Cars and More

    I cannot believe what I am reading here - so many whiners & wingers writing in such a juvenile way. I guess it reflects the state of the younger global western communities who demand & expect things "on a plate" most of the time. This is a fantastic game/simulator & i love it. I didn't expect so...
  8. bobby2227

    Excessive penalties

    Yes, I have had 2 now - both being unexpected & undeserved 10 second penalties since the changes
  9. bobby2227

    Formula1 inspired liveries

    i feel like an amateur here after viewing all of these but here are a couple:
  10. bobby2227

    Your five word GTS Review. 5 WORDS ONLY.

    excites sixty five year olds
  11. bobby2227

    Your daily workout gift

    Today I got the Chris Holstrom Concepts 1967 Chevy Nova Yesterday I got the Chris Holstrom Concepts 1967 Chevy Nova Last Friday guess what - I got the Chris Holstrom Concepts 1967 Chevy Nova.............
  12. bobby2227

    The little things that you find ANNOYING IN GT SPORT.

    Using left analogue stick to steer often means lights are flashed accidently whilsy cornering.
  13. bobby2227

    How young where you.

    40+ when son showed me the game
  14. bobby2227

    Driver Number

    Mine is also 27 but as homage to Alan Jones who in the early days of Williams carried 27 until he won the championship in 1980
  15. bobby2227

    "GT Sport: Driving is for everyone" How old are you?

    65 now & still loving this epic driving game - use ds4 & been with Gran Turismo since PS2 days when my son introduced me
  16. bobby2227

    The circuits the seasonals forgot......

    Here you go: Time Trial 13/01/14 - 10/02/14 BMW M4 Coupe super lap Time Trial 27/02/14 - 13/03/14 - 27/03/14 Plymouth XNR Ghia Roadster Super lap Time Trial 24/4/14 - 08/05/14 - 22/05/14 Shelby GT350 Super lap A Spec race 12/06/14 - 26/06/14 Intermediate Class Non-Racing Car Challenge Time...
  17. bobby2227

    The circuits the seasonals forgot......

    My stats were just GT6 and only seasonals so I discounted the Senna special events. The Willow stats are actualy 11 "big" & 7 "streets".
  18. bobby2227

    The circuits the seasonals forgot......

    Yes, we had both a time & drift trial there last October - long overdue now for another I think
  19. bobby2227

    The circuits the seasonals forgot......

    That's correct, both east & west have been used for time trials