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    Will you be able to choose the transmission

    I wonder it'll have a clutch button like FM3.
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    Gran Turismo 5 Videos - GamesCom 2009

    You cant. They are just previews. They want u to download them via GTTV.
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    Gran Turismo 5 Videos - GamesCom 2009

    Not all of them. Is there another spot? I want them on my PC instead of my PS3. Going thru GT TV is kind of annoying =\
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    Gran Turismo 5 Videos - GamesCom 2009

    Is there any place where I can download all of the official GT5 trailers in HD?
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    What's your favourite car in your collection

    Right now its my tried n true Audi S4. I have a tradition on buying yellow ones. That, and the Honda Euro-R. I like the way it handles for an FF vehicle.
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    Would you use Gran Turismo 5 to decide what kind of car to buy?

    Absolutely...where else can you take a virutal test drive and have a 3D render of so many cars are ur fingertips? All in gorgeous HD. If it wasn't for Gran Turismo, the Evo and WRX wouldnt have had such success in the US markets.
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    If PD are putting so much into GT5, how much space will it take up (HDD)?

    GT5 can have as much HDD space as it requires. I've waited too long for this.
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    What songs are in your BGM collection?

    If anyone wants the Ridge Racer Type 4 OST, i uploaded it.
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    Getting above B rank

    Dont know what you're doing wrong, but when I win 1st place on rank B, it'll unlock A, then S.
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    GTPlanet user reviews.

    Playing GTPSP w/ component TV out is a pleasurable experience.
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    Jay Leno

    I dont mind him being there.
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    Driving Challenges All golds *+gold member & 100% club*

    I tip my virtual hat to you sir.
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    Why do you love Gran Turismo?

    GT resonates with me so much because it allows you to take production cars, modify them, and race them. This is what i do in real life. Im not the boy racer type that puts vinyl graphics or body kits. I prefer to do clean mods. The (menu) music also appeals to me because its the kind of...
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    Number of (new aka not seen before) cars slightly underwhelming?

    Im hoping that the Nissan Maxima, Acura TL, BMW E38/E39 Non-M models will have a presence in GT5.
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    What songs are in your BGM collection?

    I have the soundtrack on my HD. Send me a PM and i'll shoot it to ya.
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    Aston Martin?

    Seriously... I almost wet my pants when Audi, BMW, and Subaru was available. :)
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    seriously does NO ONE

    Sure, i guess... go cry in the corner.
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    Anyone getting the slowdown before the race starts?

    Not on mine, but im using a PSP-2001 model.