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  1. Fryto

    Anthoine Hubert, Juan Manuel Correa Incident

    It does, simply widening the runoff isn’t a direct option there. I think the only thing feasible is looking into more impact absorbing barrier solutions that prevent cars being bounced back towards the track.
  2. Fryto

    2019 Le Mans 24 Hours: Preview, Live Streams, Schedules and Discussion

    Current forecast says the weekend will be dry, so wouldn’t count on it...
  3. Fryto

    Formula 1 Formula 1 2018 Johnnie Walker Belgian Grand Prix

    I think so too. But it might have saved his left hand by the looks of it
  4. Fryto

    Formula 1 Formula 1 2018 Johnnie Walker Belgian Grand Prix

    No, Brawn GP got pole on their debut in 2009
  5. Fryto

    Formula 1 The 2018 F1 driver transfer discussion/speculation thread

    I assume they're simply parroting back an opinion/theory from a French paper... I don't think anything of the sort will happen because of current running contracts. At best, it could just be a straight up Stroll/Ocon swap, but even that I think is unlikely.
  6. Fryto

    Formula 1 2018 Grand Prix de Monaco

    Solid showing by McLaren. Too bad about the issue on Vandoorne’s car, which may have cost him Q3.
  7. Fryto

    2018 FIFA World Cup Finals

    He’s always had something against Nainggolan because of his attitude and lack of discipline. But the way he played at AS Roma the last couple of months..., you just don’t leave someone with his qualities at home... And it’s his zero Fs given mentality that often gives our team the edge:
  8. Fryto

    2018 FIFA World Cup Finals

    Not sure what all those head coaches had for breakfast... In the meantime Belgium is raging because Martinez didn’t select Nainggolan today.
  9. Fryto

    Belgian Cops Catch a Supersonic Opel Astra (Well, Sort Of)

    "It’s rather funny the police department didn’t catch this mistake." As a Belgian I'm not surprised at all... I was actually wondering not so long ago how long it would take before this would happen, since they recently changed to a more automated way of filing these tickets. If the process is...
  10. Fryto

    Britain - The Official Thread This one had me in pieces :lol:
  11. Fryto

    Are you enjoy Trackmania Turbo?

    Absolutely. I have it since release and still play regularly (PS4). Now that it’s on ps plus, there’s again a decent amount of people online.
  12. Fryto

    Formula 1 2018 Heineken Chinese Grand Prix

    Intelligence beats ego once again...
  13. Fryto

    PS4 PlayStation 4 General Discussion

    As online is pretty much dead now, having it in the free ps plus line up is good news for the people that already have it. Hopefully it can get a boost this way.
  14. Fryto

    5 Letter Word Game

    Bart Simpson. Work in progress. PANTS
  15. Fryto

    5 Letter Word Game

    Ambient light is getting annoying TSEAB
  16. Fryto

    Formula 1 F1 2018 Testing Thread

    That guy working the rear jack was like "C'mon guys, really..??"
  17. Fryto

    Formula 1 F1 2018 Testing Thread

    Meanwhile at McLaren... With appropriate Benny Hill music on it:
  18. Fryto

    Tame the Mountain: TT Isle of Man Launches March 6 on Consoles

    It would be hilarious if they make that a co-op mode, with your wingman in the sidecar shifting his weight around.
  19. Fryto

    Elite: Dangerous

    oh really? :crazy: I haven't had the chance yet to try the new update. Hopefully I can get some time in tonight.
  20. Fryto

    Formula 1 F1 2018 Testing Thread

    I wouldn't read too much into the times though. The track has been resurfaced since the last time they drove here, so no doubt that will influence the times too.