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  1. JvM

    Nvidia New Cards

    Would be good for the competition, but unfortunately, the chips are not made internally apparently. But perhaps most interesting of all for graphics insiders and Intel...
  2. JvM

    Sony Reveals PlayStation 5 Console

    From thermals standpoint the xbox could actually be a bit, or even significantly better. As of now, I wouldn't expect any kind of silent operation under load from the PS5.
  3. JvM

    BMW 3-Series (G20) / M3 (G80) / 4-Series / M4

    Not a fanboy, but I've always liked BMWs overall. But holy moly, how can they mess this thing so bad.. it's disgusting. First car in the history where adding a license plate in front makes it look better..
  4. JvM

    DOOM Eternal

    That's mainly from the HUD I guess? From seeing some shots from the options, it seems quite customizable too, including colors.
  5. JvM

    Formula 1 Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix 2019

    You read spyrrari's message? So in the pics they are on the pallets after being delivered to the teams, then they pick them up from the piles and use how they see fit?
  6. JvM

    2020 Porsche Taycan Revealed: Up to 750hp for Stuttgart's Tesla Rival

    It's slightly amusing, that the 911 Carrera 4S (Over 200k € btw) is more expensive here than the Taycan Turbo S thanks to the ridiculous CO2 taxing. :D
  7. JvM

    PS4 No Man's Sky

    It sure is good, another one is good too, it's Chlorine.. but it also involves Oxygen. You can extract oxygen (among other gases) from any planet with the new gas extractor once you find a hotspot, same way as mining indium etc with the mineral one. 2 oxygen + 1 Chlorine refines into 6...
  8. JvM

    MR Corvette C8 - General Discussion

    Looks a bit... off from some angles for me for sure. But with removing the wing, slight lowering and a more aggressive wheel fitment would help a lot already.
  9. JvM

    Formula 1 myWorld Großer Preis von Österreich 2019

    On really hot conditions, yeah looks like it. Otherwise not too sure yet.
  10. JvM

    Formula 1 2019 Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco

    Good pitstop.. but. This.
  11. JvM

    Formula 1 2019 Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco

    Well, atleast that was a bit entertaining. :)
  12. JvM

    Forza Horizon 4: General Discussion

    See below hehe. Nice timing, was just playing, and stopped to check here. Now downloading also. (PC)
  13. JvM

    Forza Horizon 4: General Discussion

    So it's not out yet?
  14. JvM

    Formula 1 SOCAR Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2019

    So they should have done like Gio and start the lap one car length behind Vettel? I'm not too sure about that. :)
  15. JvM

    Formula 1 SOCAR Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2019

    Ferrari over 1 sec faster in FP3 than Merc. :)
  16. JvM

    Sony Confirms Next-Gen PlayStation Features: 8K Resolution and Backwards Compatibility

    Rendering 3d versus watching a pre-edited, cut and all around prepared video/movie isn't quite the same. Although yes, if even a video has faster panning from side to side my eyes are definitely more pleased with 50+ fps video.
  17. JvM

    Sony Confirms Next-Gen PlayStation Features: 8K Resolution and Backwards Compatibility

    Oh please. :D It's been common exactly because the hardware hasn't been able to do better, thats it. Unless 'cinematic' = eye-irritating these days.
  18. JvM

    Borderlands 3

    Other than the ****** move to pull a game that was marketed and pre-sold on/for steam. (they already said stuff like that won't happen anymore, lets see..) Nothing really, other than ppl moaning about getting another launcher. Then again, epic store/launcher still objectively is much worse in...
  19. JvM

    Google's Rumored Console Could be Revealed March 19

    Interesting to see how it goes, apart from the obvious issue for people with slower/capped connections, im not quite sure about the input lag issue (as many others are), atleast for my own enjoyment. At 60hz a PC can achieve 30-50ms input lag. And DF tested stadia in pretty much ideal...
  20. JvM

    Koenigsegg Jesko (Agera Successor)

    Yes. On track, nothing really. On road, going instantly from 9th gear into 3rd for example. Pretty neat. It calculates automatically the lowest/highest gear at that moment.