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  1. KiroKai

    Forza Horizon 5: General Discussion

    The backfire pops are so annoying. Overdue a replacement. It's great to see them make an effort, but I'm skeptical after the Monaro clip as well. The stock car seems to use the AMG 6.2L sound from FM5/FH2? Specifically the C63/SLS sample - a very beautiful sound, but using it on the Monaro just...
  2. KiroKai

    Welcome to GTP16: Dark Mode, Emojis, Reactions, Bookmarks, and So Much More...

    Great work on dark mode and the update in general! I got some thoughts to share. I liked the featured photos on the homepage so to see them removed from articles is a little sad. The mobile home page is very text heavy now, the previous style was more appealing to me. Nice to see article...
  3. KiroKai

    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered Revealed, Arrives November 6

    Speciale and 458 Spider are too new, but 430 Scud/16M would be perfect along with the others listed. Besides Ferrari, the LFA would've been a great fit with excellent sound. With that, I think the game would cover all hot exotics of the time.
  4. KiroKai

    Xbox Series X Games Showcase Coming July 23

    I'm happy if Live Gold ends. Charging for multiplayer is pretty 2005. The source you link isn't the source, it sounds made up but I hope the stuff about a new quality approach to cars holds true. Do you not care about accuracy at all? I like the roster too, but they need to correct sounds...
  5. KiroKai

    Forza Horizon 4: General Discussion

    Heck yeah! Miss these cars and badly need more garage and paint space, preferably no limit as it's such a silly worry in the age of 100GB games. It's at the point of dampening my excitement for cool new cars as garage and livery management become increasingly difficult and annoying every season...
  6. KiroKai

    A Test Drive Unlimited Sequel is On Its Way From WRC Developer Kylotonn

    This is old and seems to be from a project with Renault-Alpine a while ago. Still interesting, wonder which tech it ran on?
  7. KiroKai

    Forza Horizon 4 Season Change: Autumn Becomes Supra Season

    Is the widebody a real version? Since the front bumper is changed and it's an upgrade with Toyota logo.
  8. KiroKai

    Forza Horizon 4 Season Change: Summer's Easter Surprises

    For the official forums, I see no point in partaking at all to be honest. Nothing to gain there, obvious double standards, and all it takes is one wrong post to get you banned at random, forever. Recently I read someone still can't even open the forums while logged into Microsoft because of one...
  9. KiroKai

    Forza Horizon 4 Season Change: Summer's Easter Surprises

    Are you playing on a wheel or simulation steering on pad maybe? That'd explain it, because with normal steering on pad, grip loss on roads feels minimal. It's also my least favourite season, but for opposite reason... Agree on winter being too forgiving, you can tell they wanted to allow...
  10. KiroKai

    Call of Duty's Legal Victory Could Change the Racing Game Landscape

    Isn't selling worldwide covered by the fact that CoD is? Then it would indeed only matter where the publisher sits? But it has? Showing trademarks is understood as product placement and there are contracts with advertising money going to the film production, the same way it should be for video...
  11. KiroKai

    A Test Drive Unlimited Sequel is On Its Way From WRC Developer Kylotonn

    There's absolutely a spot this could fill - Forza Horizon sets the standard for great physics and open world combo, but it never lets you step out of your car. The Crew 2 scaled down most unique TDU elements and bogs the "drive in paradise" experience with terrible economy, limited map detail...
  12. KiroKai

    This Week’s Forza Horizon 4 Season Change: Running of The Autumn Bulls

    Indeed, they've modelled the dashboard of a cold engine in Strada... The revised V10 sample that was put on the 2016 R8 and (erroneously?) the '13 R8 should've at least been copied - instead the Performante and LP610 use an older Gallardo sample that's quiet on throttle lift.
  13. KiroKai

    The Crew 2 Official Game Discussion Thread

    Unfortunate how car physics weren't even mentioned in any question, as the over-simplified core mechanic they remain what spoils all the fun imho. Curious how a third of questioned players have bought Crew Credits for vanity items. Based on the nature of the survey I assume dedicated players...
  14. KiroKai

    GRID Review: A Fun Enough Arcade Racer, But Too Lean

    Great review! But I'm left with questions. Why do Codies' titles keep getting praise for their sounds and sound design, yet rated 4/5? In this case a few issues were named, but I noticed this on the Dirt Rally 2 and F1 2019 reviews too, where sounds got solid praise. I haven't played this yet...
  15. KiroKai

    Forza Horizon 4: General Discussion

    It'd be great if it actually worked, there's no contextual mapping (eg. you have to reserve one button just to enter events and another just to open the map) and you are forced to map unnecessary buttons like the assistant. There's a new chat feature in there that seems unfinished, didn't work...
  16. KiroKai

    Forza Horizon 4 - Colour Creation Database (CONSTANT WORK IN PROGRESS) *READ FIRST POST*

    Thanks :) Seems accurate but a little desaturated in my game, did you copy wrong values by any chance? Since base and flake are also identical. Agree about storage, it's so annoying to hit limits constantly! I've wasted hours sorting the garage and paints in FH3&4 and it means I think twice...
  17. KiroKai

    Need for Speed Heat Won't Support Wheels (at Least at Launch)

    I'm more surprised Payback supported wheels. :lol: How did all the drifting work? Did you countersteer constantly or was it still done automatically? I also remember the handling being fun and suiting the roads, but never tried it with the G27.
  18. KiroKai

    Forza Horizon 4 - Colour Creation Database (CONSTANT WORK IN PROGRESS) *READ FIRST POST*

    Awesome colour ideas in this thread! This one interests me because it looks close to McLaren's Napier Green, it's amazing on the 600LT :) I had recreated it greener for the 720S but this immediately looked closer. Could you create proper Napier Green? Since photo references vary greatly, this...
  19. KiroKai

    Forza Horizon 4: General Discussion

    Auctions. It can't be listed anymore, I believe.
  20. KiroKai

    Forza Horizon 4: General Discussion

    Indeed, I have the Focus, it's pure disappointment. Stats are barely improved for the original motor with A45 AMG sound and you can only swap in the old 1.6L rally engine. Most novel thing about it is the fact the horrific widebody's broken :D I think there's a complete disbalance towards your...