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  1. Nismonath5

    The Hooncorp Thread

    Yep, Hampton Downs once again. There's two HD races and one Pukekohe Park race, which I cannot wait for. I know the Pukekohe one is going to be incredible!!
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    The Hooncorp Thread

    Round 1 of the NAZCAR Pro Series kicks off this weekend!! The team's been hard at work transforming 37 from a small Lemons star into a Pro Series hero! Though, in actual fact, it's not taking much! Endless brakes provide significantly more stopping power, and some new Goodride Sport RS semi...
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    The GT Sport Photo Mode Competition 76 (Rare Cars) - OPEN

    FINAL ENTRY 2011 Audi R18 TDI
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    Car of the Week: Week 144 Lamborghini Veneno

    Any mention of the Stratos, and I instantly think of that meme McClarenDesign posted in the GT6 COTW chat when we tested the Stratos over there. Well that, and Vic's tendency to pull off some of the most sideways corners I've ever seen.
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    Been a while between drinks for me here. 😅 I had the old PS3 fired up for a bit, so thought I'd give the drift trial a go. I did quite enjoy the drift trials specifically, when I was much more active here.. Hope all are well!!
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    What automakers would you want to see added to GT7's iteration of the FIAGTC Manufacturers Series?

    Just thought of another one. Kia. The Kia Stinger already has around 350bhp so it's in Gr.4 territory as it sits, and could easily get buffed to Gr.3 stats. For added evidence that this could be a great idea, here's the Stinger visualized as a Gen 2 V8 Supercar concept which could be tweaked...
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    Ev Audi Quattro Coming From German Company As A Tribute

    I can't say I hate that look. How long until we see a render in the retro Group B livery, you think? 😜
  9. Nismonath5

    What automakers would you want to see added to GT7's iteration of the FIAGTC Manufacturers Series?

    Bugatti would be one that I'd think could make a Manufacturer Series entrance, all they need is a Gr.3 car. Question is, would they use the Veyron as a Gr.3 platform? Or perhaps a Chiron? It would in no way be feasible in real life, but then neither is a GT4 spec Veyron and yet here we are. 🤔
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    Car Reving right before launch

    From the sounds of it, I'd say that it's the clutch engaging. From a standstill, it takes a few revs to get the clutch properly engaged and driving away. Not enough revs, and you'll stall or bog it down. Too much, and you'll wheelspin. Even on cars with racing transmissions (And thus, no...
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    Car of the Week: Week 144 Lamborghini Veneno

    The Roadster TC is great fun, though frankly I'm a bit disappointed that of all the awesome LM Racecars we got in the GT5 / GT6 days, this is the only one that's survived to see the light of day on the PS4 hardware. Still, I'll not let that get in the way of just how fun this Roadster is...
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    GT Sport Photos

    Managed to stage this 5 wide shot of the Hooncorp Esports GTSport drivers!!
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    The little things that you find ANNOYING IN GT SPORT.

    Monza was my go to for grinding money and XP, however after 90+ wins it got a bit dull, so now I find the Tokyo race is a nice change of scenery. Takes a bit longer but you feel like you're going faster blasting through the city streets!
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    Gran Turismo 3 is such a grind starting out.

    I remember my first GT3 playthrough was a bit of a drag, I bought an FC RX-7 and though I was winning races, it just felt quite lethargic and sluggish. Things seem to pick up once you can afford a few decent upgrades, though. Like most GT games, half the fun is starting out as a star in a slow...
  16. Supra Legends

    Supra Legends

    for the current GT Sport photo mode competition
  17. Nismonath5

    Tagging Games When Uploading Media

    I'm planning to start uploading a lot more of my shots to GTPlanet as a means of storing them somewhere in all their pixel-rich goodness. Bearing in mind I've had very little to do with the media and albums side of GTP before aside from a few shots for a few specific articles. I was uploading...
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