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  1. Beerz

    The Shocking, Crazy or WTH GIF Thread!

    Wow...! Honestly, I'd probably be able to do that job (scared, but I'd do it)... but only up to the point one of them lunges at me. At that point, I'd run away without even getting my paycheck on my way out the door.
  2. Beerz

    Funny Pic Thread VII - No swearing. No sex. No complaining. (READ FIRST POST)

    Damn, woman!!!... *shakes fist*
  3. Beerz

    Post a pic of your pet(s)!!

    Sorry to hear that. :(
  4. Beerz

    The Funny Screenshot Thread

  5. Beerz

    General Model Kit Building Thread

    @SJC ALPHA already covered basically all the steps and cares to take when painting, I'd just add one thing that I do when I paint straight out of the cans (Tamiya or any other brand): I place the can in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes before painting, thus making the paint flow better and...
  6. Beerz

    Funny Pic Thread VII - No swearing. No sex. No complaining. (READ FIRST POST)

    And that's why I still have an Oyster with about 12 quid in it from my trip to London in 2014. ;)
  7. Beerz

    Do you like your country?

    I love my country. I'm just ashamed that everyone in it that has power is a corrupt and lying p.o.s. that dragged us down until we hit rock bottom while stuffing their pockets, along with their families and buddies. And still they're free to enjoy their fortunes, and in most cases, still active...
  8. Beerz

    The Funny Screenshot Thread

    Rob is awesome:
  9. Beerz

    The Funny Screenshot Thread

    I like how the only "likes" he had were on the comment where he only said "no" without saying anything else. From then on, it's a disaster. ^^ This. :lol:
  10. Beerz

    Pics of yourself

    These are also not the droids you're looking for.
  11. Beerz

    The Funny GIF Thread

    For me, it was the fact that his reaction is basically mine when I saw the trailer and that scene: "what the hell is going on here?... I'm so lost right now."