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  1. Grand Prix

    War Thunder (F2P Air/Ground combat MMO)

    Heavy fighters are bad planes. Don't fly them. 😉 That was a good result. 👍 Thank you for baiting the P-40 BTW. :D Some great examples of energy trapping there.
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    Global Warming/Climate Change Discussion Thread

    A woman in Burnaby has baked cookies on the dashboard of her car in this heat: The heatdome is heading towards the prairie provinces, but I don't think BC is out of the woods quite yet. It's not unheard of for the BC...
  3. Grand Prix

    Global Warming/Climate Change Discussion Thread

    Thought I'd let you all know that I haven't died from heatstroke yet. 🤣 It was ****ing insane, everything was hot to the touch - it was like being inside a blast furnace. All of the air conditioning units have been sold out. Many people here don't have A/C since we normally don't need it...
  4. Grand Prix

    Formula 1 Formula 1 Grand Prix De Monaco 2021

    Bugatti Type 35 or Type 51 replicas, with halos and rollbars fitted, built by Pur Sang. Make Monaco a special one-make race using those, and award double points. With the guardrails and catch fencing in place, of course. Teams can paint sponsorship liveries on the cars if they want. Early...
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    Open Wheel Formula E Coming to Vancouver Soon?

    The proposed circuit layout, just a draft at the moment. Source:
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    War Thunder (F2P Air/Ground combat MMO)

    Forgot to post this pretty intense 2 vs 2. We were bomber hunting in twin engine fighters and encountered a couple of Spitfires, we had to defeat them somehow. :lol: Fortunately, the enemy underestimated our planes.
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    War Thunder (F2P Air/Ground combat MMO)

    @Paulie Seeing you get bombed by the A-20 at the end of the ITP video made me laugh so hard. :lol: :lol:
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    Murray Walker, 1923-2021

    His commentary style was perfect for this back-and-forth battle. I've heard other commentators cover this race, and they just didn't compare. He would have been a suitable commentator for the frantic pace of ice hockey had he lived on the other side of the pond, but it was this style of...
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    Unpopular Opinions - General Thread

    That's hilarious. :lol: Interesting. Do you know which province(s) they are from?
  10. Grand Prix

    Things that confuse/annoy you

    The Duelists, great Ridley Scott film! Even this fight is a bit exaggerated, however, it is better than most choreographed sword fights in cinema. :lol: What I wonder about is why plate armour is, for the most part, ineffective in cinema? We often see characters stick a sword through a...
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    Unpopular Opinions - General Thread

    We don't even say it like that! :mad: :lol: Fair enough when it comes to "eh", it's not spelled in a way that helps discern the way it is pronounced, but that's true for many words in English. "Aboot", however, is not how we pronounce "about" at all. It might sound like "a boat" to some...
  12. Grand Prix

    Solid Lifters

    I never knew him personally, but his posts were always entertaining to read. RIP Solid Lifters Makes me wonder about some other older members of the GT community that may have passed on. The sad truth about making friends on the internet is that you may never find out if they've died or not.
  13. Grand Prix

    UAP/UFO News and Discussion - Please, no mockery or ridicule.

    This is pretty much the conclusion I came to after playing Elite Dangerous, a sci-fi game that simulates the Milky Way galaxy. Although planets with extraterrestrial life on them are extremely rare in terms of percentages, when you have a spacecraft that is capable of hopping from one star...
  14. Grand Prix

    War Thunder (F2P Air/Ground combat MMO)

    I don't mind losing because the attackers and bombers survived long enough to win through tickets. That's a good job on their part. When it's just fighters left, there needs to be more time to hunt them down. I'd remove the AI planes as well. :lol:
  15. Grand Prix

    War Thunder (F2P Air/Ground combat MMO)

    Nice. 👍 I received the Ro.57, not really a fan of it TBH, it's pretty slow. Then again, I do fly many boom-and-zoom fighters. :lol: The new match length of 25 minutes is too short IMO, it should be at least 35 minutes. Myself and Paulie have had a few potential ace games ruined because...
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    What's Hideous, Weighs 15 Pounds and Can Support a London Bus? F1's New Halo

    I think a closed cockpit would have been disastrous in Grosjean's crash. You need that space above the cockpit to get out quickly. Something to be concerned about is, what would happen if he was unconscious? The medics/marshals would have to put the fire out first, or go into the flames to...
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    Formula 1 Formula 1 DHL Turkish Grand Prix 2020

    First off, the desire to see fast formula cars 4-wheel drifting is simply a personal preference of mine. It's a technique I enjoy using in simulators, and it pleases me when I observe it being used on occasion by others. The cars being able to follow each other more closely would be a nice...
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    Classic Motorsport Photos

    I was curious about this so I searched around, apparently this is Erik Carlsson, a Swedish rally driver. He mostly drove Saabs and had a habit of rolling his car onto its roof. :lol: He even rolled it intentionally one time to escape mud at the Safari Rally. Sounds like quite a character.