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  1. Spacegoat

    FS: rare sales!

    Glenn Seton's 1997 ATCC winning Ford Falcon is currently up for auction. I assume you're putting a bid in @FPV MIC? :sly:
  2. Spacegoat

    pɐǝɹɥʇ lɐᴉɔᴉɟɟoun ǝɥʇ - ɐᴉlɐɹʇsn∀

    I'm booked in to have the first Pfizer shot on the 31st of August. Only reason I'm not having AZ, is due to my heart condition and the advice of the Professer I'm under. Would have been more than happy to have the AZ otherwise though. The hatchet job the media have done on it is ridiculous.
  3. Spacegoat

    Unpopular Opinions - General Thread

    I'll always be a Rugby League fan but the IQ level of some of the players off the field does leave a lot to be desired, definitely.
  4. Spacegoat

    Touring Cars 2021 Repco Supercars Championship While it's a massive shame that the Murph/Stanaway entry is at risk. The situation in NSW doesn't look like it's going to get better anytime soon. Given the option, I would rather see 1000 run with no crowd...
  5. Spacegoat

    GTPlanet Scale model thread

    Not all that great mobile phone picture but anyway, shelf buddies. Insanity. I always liked the Pirtek liveries back then. The guy driving the car, not so much though (sorry). 😅 Cool that you have the Scalextric versions. I've avoided slot cars (so far) because I get the feeling, as soon...
  6. Spacegoat

    GTPlanet Scale model thread

    😂 👍 Yeah, silver with the black stripes is by far the cooler of the two. Not for $600 though, holy hell. 😲
  7. Spacegoat

    GTPlanet Scale model thread

    Oh, man. That friggin sucks. 🤦‍♂️ Nothing I assume on eBay or anywhere else? ☹️ Shame too that guy is closing down. Hope it's not due to the pandamic or anything. I know that feeling. You just have to laugh. 😓 😂👍 Yeah, it's definitely cool to have both.
  8. Spacegoat

    What games are you playing now?

    Four odd months after buying it .Finally decided to jump into Dark Souls III. I'm taking it really slow. Put close to ten and half hours into so far and I've only got two bosses done. 😂 Do plan on getting back into Bloodborne at some point but I have to say that, I think I prefer DSIII just a...
  9. Spacegoat

    GTPlanet Scale model thread

    Oh, wow. Thought it was just plain black going off what I could remember from pics you've posted over the years. Must look great in the sun when it's all nice and clean (which being a dark color car I assume lasts for about, 10 minutes? 🤪😂). 👍 Sounds like the dark blue might be the best bet for...
  10. Spacegoat

    GTPlanet Scale model thread

    Price sounds reasonable but it really surprises me that there's never been an plain black (iirc, yours is black, right? 😅 ) GT-P produced. Might be better off going for one the correct color with stripes? Hopefully someone will make one down the track. 🤞
  11. Spacegoat

    Cursed Political Content (formerly Cursed Social Media)

    No matter how many times I see that video. It always gives me a good laugh. Gold. 🤣
  12. Spacegoat

    Touring Cars 2021 Repco Supercars Championship

    I've always preferred longer races. Even if there is a risk of them turning into a snooze fest like a couple of weeks ago. Just because there's more strategy involved, which can mix the order a up a little bit.
  13. Spacegoat

    GTPlanet Scale model thread

    Haven't bought a 1:18 in years. But just had to get this thing because it's the same model and color scheme as my car. 😊 (Please excuse the dirty cardboard backdrop)
  14. Spacegoat

    Open Wheel Junior Formula. Discussion of F2, F3, F4, Formula Renault, TRS, W-Series, Indy Lights, etc

    Disappointing that Piastri couldn't convert his pole in the feature race into a win. Still a very good overall weekend for him though. Shame there isn't an F2 race now until what, mid September? 😐
  15. Spacegoat

    Touring Cars 2021 Repco Supercars Championship

    Notice that Slade got a 15 second penalty for doing the exact same thing to Fullwood. 🤔 Consistently inconsistent is right.
  16. Spacegoat

    Touring Cars 2021 Repco Supercars Championship

    Yeah, I get your point. Just thought it was a risky move to pull from that far back, on the first lap. It could have ended really badly if he had gotten it wrong. Anyway. hopefully Waters or someone else has something for SVG in the third race.