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  1. turboash78

    Grinding For Credits

    Yep! Good times... good times.
  2. turboash78

    Gran Turismo Sport 1.11 Update Now Available

    This is what I do... a tuned F40 can easily lap everyone and bring in $160,000 with the handicap. Anyone know what the max HP of the Supra is?!
  3. turboash78

    Gran Turismo Sport Closed Beta Coming March 17: First the US, Then EU Region

    Holy crap I haven't been here in forever! Just signed up for the Beta... fingers crossed!
  4. turboash78

    Photoshopped cars.

    Thanks Ameer67... for preventing me from making a horrible mistake!
  5. turboash78

    Photoshopped cars.

    Hey guys. Holy I haven't been on here for a while! Anyway, I bought a 2010 Jeep Commander and was curious as to how some dark bronze wheels would look on it. These are the best pics I have (sorry they aren't nice and bright). Don't have to do all of them, 1 would suffice. Thanks ahead of time!
  6. turboash78

    Happy New Year

    Well 2012 sucked a nice big veiny one, and I can't see 13 being any better... time to drink!
  7. turboash78

    The Weather Thread

    It's been snowing since Friday morning... literally non stop. From no snow, to 4 foot drifts in my backyard. STOP IT.
  8. turboash78

    Show off your latest purchase!

    I'm posting this using the gtplanet app on my brand new Google Nexus 7!!!
  9. turboash78

    When was your first car accident?

    Mine was a doozy! Was night time, construction being done to the highway (no workers as it was like 10pm). Strayed a little too close to the shoulder, there was an unseen 4-6" drop between the asphalt and the now gravel shoulder. Car was pulled nearly into the ditch, I (over)corrected to the...
  10. turboash78

    The Watch Discussion Thread

    Got another one: Will be for outdoorsy stuff (hunting, fishing, camping, quadding etc). Compass (actually works very well) and thermometer, nice big clean face.
  11. turboash78

    London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics - General discussion

    Wow... the US was lucky as hell to beat Canada (women's soccer). Also, the American broadcasters are a joke.
  12. turboash78

    The Watch Discussion Thread

    Ya it's a fatty... def the largest one I have. Pretty badass imo though :cool: :lol:
  13. turboash78

    The Watch Discussion Thread

    Just picked up this guy to add to my repertoire; Nixon 'The Unit': I wanted a more outdoorsy/rugged/waterproof watch, plus I love rubber/silicone bands. It even has a thermometer! Very happy with it so far!
  14. turboash78

    What do you remember of the days of GT1?

    I remember the very first car I chose... Fairlady Z.
  15. turboash78

    Questionable modifications: pictures inside!

    With that sloped rear window, the first thing I thought was 350/370.
  16. turboash78

    So, how was your day?

    Worst day ever. Met a gorgeous, funny, smart girl like 3 months ago. Another friend told me she was now single! So last night we hung out all evening. Called her after and told her how I feel about her. She said she really likes me but her old BF and her are trying to work things out. So...
  17. turboash78

    The Watch Discussion Thread

    DKNY - Nice and heavy and dressy. I like how the face / bezel is the same width as the band. Guess Steel Chronograph - Approx 14 years old. Seiko movement. Originally had a very cool black rubber strap, but it became brittle over time and broke. Replaced with a leather strap (not really...
  18. turboash78

    Your 10 Personal Effects?

    1. Son 2. Phone 3. Truck 4. Camping gear 5. Fishing gear 6. Hunting rifle / gear 7. Seiko 5 automatic watch 8. Tools 9. Laptop 10. ATV w/ trailer
  19. turboash78


    One of the best days of my life was the day my son was old enough to play with Lego!