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  1. j0nny0093

    [1.7.1] GT5 Master Mod

    Literally no one ever had any issue by pressing Select on the main menu. Plus, it's not a mandatory thing to do, just don't do that ,easy.
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    Gran Turismo 5 UK 1609 Build (September 16th 2010 Build)

    Hazards works on Ferrari F40 and Lancia Delta HF Integrale. Probably more cars have working lights, I didn't test all of them
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    F1 2021 Revealed, Arrives July 16 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC

    I believe the other classic tracks would be Hockenheimring or Sepang International Circuit , they can just copy and paste them from previous games. Still, it's definitely ODD to not have those 3 new tracks at launch.
  4. j0nny0093

    F1 2021 Wishlist and expectations.

    Beside classic cars that we already have ( and many more could be added ) , it would be cool to have some classic tracks as well. If you think about it, there are only current tracks and some minor layouts change , but what about some real classic tracks ? For example: Jerez, Magny-Course...
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    Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Spec 3 update

    See if you can check the disc content, if it has a PKG in a folder called UPDATE or something like that, it's surely the Spec III update. It could also have the entire game packaged with all updates USA-PAL GT5Prologue is already on Spec II update
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    GT Sport Memes

  7. j0nny0093

    F1 2020 Update 1.06 Arrives This Week, With Updated Mercedes Livery

    Would've been cool to have new GP's as free update during the year.
  8. j0nny0093

    Formula 1 Formula 1 Pirelli Großer Preis Der Steiermark 2020

    I'm a Ferrari supporter.. And I beg Ferrari to left F1, seriously, it's not a good thing to continue..
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    Gran Turismo 7: Latest news and discussion thread (Delayed)

    PoDi plans for Trial mountain:
  10. j0nny0093

    Gran Turismo 7: Latest news and discussion thread (Delayed)

    Well, GT6 began as a PS3 game and they keep supporting it for 2 more years ( last update is from december 2015 ). I like GT6, but the fact that the course creator was an online thing and it's not working anymore always made me sad :/ I still believe it will be a PS4 title: first of all GT never...
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    Gran Turismo 7: Latest news and discussion thread (Delayed)

    just announce GT7 for PS4 and I finally know what current gen console to buy :D
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    GTHD Screenshots

    Hello diogo, as Jake answer sadly the only available version of GT HD is the PSN / Japanese disc version, while the old GT HD with cars and bikes are nowhere to be seen online :/ That's nice to hear that you played it back then, I wish I had this luck :D
  13. j0nny0093

    Post Your Latest GT6 Photos Here

    nighttime high speed ring?? why not :D
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    Post your latest GT5 Pics

    To be honest I'm working on a text file with all the informations I can get from those swap :) I used to test the same envptr on more tracks before moving to another one. Then I'd like to take some pics when I found some cool scenes. This for example is sarthe2009 24hrs envptr on Deep Forest. By...
  15. j0nny0093

    Post your latest GT5 Pics

    Well , that's a mix of things :) I swapped Chamonix with Trial Mountain, using Route 7 Envptr. If you swap Chamonix with any track, it will have snow of course; however, if you use Route 7 envptr, the rain/snow fx will be massive :D
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    Post your latest GT5 Pics

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    Unused / Hidden Content Discoveries in Gran Turismo 5

    The good news about the unused cameras is that they also works in GT6, and there are even some more. We will document that as well. Regarding GT5, other than the unused cameras, we managed to find out the offset to change the FOV for both cockpit and chase cam. I think it's possible to move the...
  18. j0nny0093

    Gran Turismo 4 / PSP Courses found in Gran Turismo 5

    Those pics came from GT6, as you can see hazards and turning signals works there as well, still only on Aston Martin DB9 '06.
  19. j0nny0093

    Gran Turismo 4 / PSP Courses found in Gran Turismo 5

    It is indeed, it's the Top Gear intro sequence. Still, it's so strange to have a mappable function that works on a single car on 300 (counting only premium cars). I'm trying to check if there are other cars with this feature, or if there's a flag that enable them on this car only.