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  1. CDailey

    Will Forza Horizon 4's Next Expansion Feature LEGO?

    Holy **** I am excited! This is so awesome :D
  2. CDailey

    Forza Horizon 4: General Discussion

    I think Lego would be pretty dope. They already have the crumble physics from all the rock walls which would translate very well to Lego bricks. Also, whats with all the hate for the Playlist? I quite like it. It actually gives an incentive/some direction in a very open world game which...
  3. CDailey

    Forza Horizon 4: General Discussion

    finally got a crown vic on the AH for $120k after getting sniped 3 times in a row on ones going for 28k
  4. CDailey

    Forza Horizon 4: General Discussion

    Any idea why I can't download the last two pairs of dlc cars? Whenever I try to download them it says it's an unreleased car with a date of 02/07/2019 which was nearly a month ago
  5. CDailey

    Forza Horizon 4 Series 6 Car Pass Revealed: TVR Griffith and a Big Pink Caddy

    Not too keen on the new TVR but the older one is ace and the Final Fantasy car is pretty cool, too. Looking forward to the Z32 as well. All I really want is a 1996 Impala SS. And for the Crown Vic to show up in a wheelspin/auction house for me, lol.
  6. CDailey

    Tornado's Unwanted Harem: Quality is Job #1

    Ugh that STS sounds so good. I almost got a 2002 STS as my first car but it ended up having a blown head gasket I think that had gone unchecked for too long and was gonna cost too much to repair. I have a real soft spot for them.
  7. CDailey

    Samsung QLED Car Pack

    Eff yeah! Alfa and 124 Abarth!
  8. CDailey

    Unpopular Opinions- Cars in General

    The Toyota Yaris iA is a fantastic looking little car.
  9. CDailey

    Relaxed, General FH3 Chat

    So I just bought Blizzard Mountain and there is something so supremely satisfying about sliding around in the snow and ice without snow tires.
  10. CDailey

    January Rockstar Car Pack - Now Available

    Kinda bummed with this one. Only cars I'm excited about are the i8 and the R31. The rest are meh to me but that's okay. Overall the car packs have been great and I'm really looking forward to the rest of them. Also whoever mentioned the Starion, I wish it would come back too. I love those...
  11. CDailey

    Relaxed, General FH3 Chat

    Finally got all the roads! I was missing one tiny section of dirt road near the dam and another along the long highway from surfers paradise toward the outback. I bought the treasure map too. I was only missing about 25 signs, but I never would have found them all without the map. They...
  12. CDailey

    Your favourite radio station so far?

    Hospital Records is my favorite by far. My next most listened are Timeless FM and Future Classic. Honestly I like them all except for Vagrant and Epitaph. I need to load a thumb drive with a bunch of metal and use background play for my own metal station. Death FM? :-D
  13. CDailey

    Relaxed, General FH3 Chat

    Ugh I'm missing just two roads until I have found them all and it's frustrating! I can't seem to spot them on the map anywhere.
  14. CDailey

    CDailey/DT770 Photomode Gallery

    All custom liveries you can find on my storefront Might Car Mods 180SX Tay Tay pointjob I made Turned the CPVI into a Marauder The mighty Vulcan Some Skylines Abarth 695 Biposto with the Tributo Ferrari paint job Some Ferrari's Ford GT with the Heritage Edition...
  15. CDailey

    The Smoking Tire Car Pack - Now Available

    Oh my God the Crown Vic is so bad. It's fantastic :lol:
  16. CDailey

    The Smoking Tire Car Pack - Now Available

    Finally a Crown Vic! Time to get to work turning it into a Marauder and state trooper liveries.
  17. CDailey

    Relaxed, General FH3 Chat

    I was very surprised when I heard the Halo track on the classical station. I just so happened to be driving the Warthog too lol.
  18. CDailey

    Where do you think Horizon 4 will take place?

    I'm hoping for Japan next go around. It's been a long time since I blasted around Japan in the Tokyo Xtreme Racer series and I'd love to visit again in FH4.
  19. CDailey

    Forza Horizon 3 Auction House Thread!

    Bought the barn find Maserati and the 90s Corvette zr1 for a total of 330k. Not bad for my first time using the AH. Edit: just picked up the old Vantage for only 44k
  20. CDailey

    I've opened a GTPlanet Xbox Club

    Anyone able to toss me an invite? GT is DT770. Edit:disregard. Once I upgraded Byron Bay to level 3, the game showed me the club feature and I searched and found the GTP club. 👍