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  1. anthonyfa18

    Gran Turismo 7 beta coming soon.

    I am trying to get it and it’s not working
  2. anthonyfa18

    Toyota GR86 Coming to Gran Turismo Sport on July 8

    I really don’t Understand, with gt7 Delayed, why can’t we at least get one new track or more rain add to track with this update.
  3. anthonyfa18

    Thrustmaster T-GT II Leaks Ahead of June 23 Reveal

    I wonder if it worth the upgrade if you have the first T-GT ???
  4. anthonyfa18

    Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup Returns for 2021 With a New Name and New Cars

    Do u think we will get the new Toyota GR010 hyper car from WEC ???
  5. anthonyfa18

    Gran Turismo Sport Balance of Performance Update Brings Gr.4 Tweaks

    The nsx gr.4 need a 2% power increase and 1% Weight reduction
  6. anthonyfa18

    Why no rain races?

    We need a rain update, Till we get Gt7 there is so manny track that are in the game that can Benefit from this
  7. anthonyfa18

    Gran Turismo Sport Selected for First Ever Olympic Virtual Series

    It look like trustmaster will be at the Olympics with GT sport This is good for Polyphony digital but the only done side will be no new tracks or cars for this even Unless they surprise us. Also for Trustmaster side of things I really hope they show up with T-GT and T-lcm Pedals for The...
  8. anthonyfa18

    Thrustmaster Reveals New $350 Ferrari SF1000 Wheel, Available Now

    It look like the lcd screen will work with GT sport in a future update
  9. anthonyfa18

    Thrustmaster Reveals New $350 Ferrari SF1000 Wheel, Available Now

    PRESS RELEASE From Thrustmaster
  10. anthonyfa18

    Thrustmaster Reveals New $350 Ferrari SF1000 Wheel, Available Now

    I would if the lcd screen will work on GT sport ??? Also want a about gt7 will it support it???
  11. anthonyfa18

    Any new cars and tracks for GT Sport until GT7 release?

    I would love to get at least 1 or 2 new tracks, or at least some Existing tracks get rain add to them. As for car we need some more Gr3 and Gr4 or at least some evo upgrade to the cars
  12. anthonyfa18

    I dont know which wheel should i get for GT sport?

    So last weekend I found a sick used T-GT with a f1 carbon rim and T-Lcm pedals for 875 cad, I have own my G25 from 2006 till now. All I can say it’s worth the upgrade, the T-GT feel Amazing even on pc when it not on GT mode, of corse in GT sport is Amazing with the T-GT. Also the pedals with...
  13. anthonyfa18

    Drivehub with PS3/GT6

    i tried this and noting works, I tryed my drive hub and my Cronus max plus with a ps3 and ps4 Controler, I tried both mode on the T-GT (other and GT ) the wheel Calibrate but only the 0P button and the D-pad work. my drive hub is updates to the Latest beta My Cronus max is at the last wheel...
  14. anthonyfa18

    2021 FIA Series Race Discussion

    Hell yess Quebec can Finally race
  15. anthonyfa18

    Drivehub with PS3/GT6

    So I got my T-GT and just tryed both my Cronus max plus and drive hub on my ps3 and they Both don’t work with GT6 any know how to make it work
  16. anthonyfa18

    Drive Hub Racing Wheel Converter

    where did u find this info?? Also on version 2.0.7-beta.8 with a g25 and hori mini game pads on ps5 playing GT sport I get no force feed back on the Rumble strips any one else have the problem
  17. anthonyfa18

    Supply Issues with Trustmaster T-GT

    Amazon uk is saying T-GT will be back in stock April 8
  18. anthonyfa18

    GT Sport Undocumented Changes Thread (1.62 , 1.63,1.64 and 1.65)

    Bug or glitch: after 1.64 they fixed the yellow flags but now the blue flags come on for no reason, it happy last night a few time in my lobby race and I had no cars behind me
  19. anthonyfa18

    Thrustmaster T-LCM pedals

    Hey i was thing of something and I would like to know if any one has tryed this let say you have a T-GT and a drive hub and you hook up your t-Lcm by usb to the drive hub in the Accessory plug are u Abel to it 16bit on consols ??? will this also work with T-GT in GT mode play on GT sports??