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  1. gibki8

    GP's GT6 Gallery - Stratos, A110, Europa - July 13th

    Beautiful car and beautiful photo set but I prefer this Ferrari in yellow rather than in red ;)
  2. gibki8

    Variety shots - mazda787's gallery

    Amazing set with FXX, especially first shot.
  3. gibki8

    CLOSED: The Photomode Competition 029

    FINAL ENTRY First try ;)
  4. gibki8

    The Realistic Photo Thread (READ OP BEFORE POSTING)

    I love that one. Great work
  5. gibki8

    Ferino Design - Photo/Art Gallery | ~Community Gallery Shots~ [20.11.14]

    The best Goodwood gallery. I love the second one :drool:
  6. gibki8

    YUI Photography 2.0 // 8/8: Farewell GT6 - Special GTP Dedication

    Best set for me is the Le Mans but all others are also very good. ;)
  7. gibki8

    The gallery of Jamoru

    I like the last one. Climate and colours are working together.
  8. gibki8

    baggist74's Photomode Gallery | 20.06 | ~

    Two shots with GT Vision are really awesome. Nice work with editing.
  9. gibki8

    gibki8 artwork - FWD King ;)

    Thank you very much for all your comments. I'm really happy that you like my firts shots. Sorry that I haven't been posting anything for ages. Now I'm back and I want to post some photos a little more often than now ;) Here you have my next gallery with the FWD King on Nordschleife ;)...
  10. gibki8

    gibki8 artwork - FWD King ;)

    Let's get started with the firts gallery Sunrise at The Nurb All comments are welcome ;)
  11. gibki8

    gibki8 artwork - FWD King ;)

  12. gibki8

    Panoramic Photography

    HaerBev, second one is outstanding. Love it!
  13. gibki8

    Panoramic Photography

    My first panoramic shot from GT6. Hope you like it ;) Click for full size ;)
  14. gibki8

    The Realistic Photo Thread

  15. gibki8

    Taz' Photo Thread - Update - Cusco Impreza At Spa

    I like the second one ;)
  16. gibki8

    el Fayce's Gallery | SuperLight | 5/6/13

    I like all photos in last set. Great job ;)
  17. gibki8

    gibki8 photomode-Toyota GT 86 on Nurb :D

    Thank you for your last feedback. Here is the next session. This time with Toyota GT 86. I really like this car, it's quite good ;) Please leave comments. I appreciate every singel one ;) Thank you for visiting my topic ;)