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  1. YakieS1

    Well, it is back, your thoughts?

    At least it's not pink...
  2. YakieS1

    Mobile 1 Car Pack OCT 7 (Xbox One exclusively)

    Maybe not spite but more of a "why bother" response to the "how do we integrate rewards for two versions of the same game" question. I understand the disappointment.
  3. YakieS1

    Forza Horizon 2 General Discussion Thread

    I had to turn up the vibration setting to 75 or so to get the feeling I wanted.
  4. YakieS1

    Barn Finds!

    The "Cars" tab of the pause menu has a "Barn finds" button, which shows the silhouettes of the remaining cars.
  5. YakieS1

    GTP Forza Horizon 2 Car Club (Xbox One Chapter)

    Thanks for the invite!!
  6. YakieS1

    Forza Horizon 2 General Discussion Thread

    I'm getting a weird controller lockout bug with it when I turn controller off/on to change batteries or take a break. Very strange. Xbox wouldn't even respond to smart glass. Had to hard restart. Game seems super fun, though!
  7. YakieS1

    Forza Horizon 2 General Discussion Thread

    I can confirm that they drive on the right side of the road in France. [beat me to it, GT Guy!] Looking forward to the demo!
  8. YakieS1

    Differences in game modes.

    I noticed something similar when tuning an Indy Car to run the speedway 200 (or something) mile challenge. I had the tune locked down in tune setup, with the minimum downforce that I could carry with full throttle all the time (30+ laps spent tuning). Ran that tune in the online event, and it...
  9. YakieS1

    Relaxed, General Forza 5 Chat

    I've been geeking out on this topic since you posted it, trying to figure out the science behind this sort of behavior IRL. Bear with me: IRL, the exhaust and engine frequencies may excite one or more of the (10-15 modes between 50 and 200 Hz) vehicle cavity acoustic modes, which would cause...
  10. YakieS1

    Forza Horizon 2 General Discussion Thread

    Look on the bright side: no commercials on this radio! Can you imagine?
  11. YakieS1

    Gamescom new free cars

    Tried to make a B-class tune, but even with race weight reduction, that monster is still 4.1k lbs!! It was fun for a little hot lapping, but was just a moving chicane in races... Might have to bring it up to A or S class, even, to balance all the stock power with upgraded grip.
  12. YakieS1

    Gamescom new free cars

    Yeah, what a great handling car in stock trim! Such a nice balance and really communicative weight transfer. Makes me look forward to FH2 where I'll have a good reason to drive the stock cars for a while. Hoping this makes the FH2 car list!
  13. YakieS1

    Gamescom new free cars

    Just got the XBone plugged back in today!! Will be taking the Mustang out later! Need to do some more important unpacking first, though. FH2 is a day one buy for me. Loved (and completed) the first one.
  14. YakieS1

    Relaxed, General Forza 5 Chat

    So I agree that there is a PI "penalty" for AWD, but I still have some really competitive and fun AWD tunes (V8 22B and Syclone). For me the ticket is to take advantage of the great launch and clear the field a bit by T1, so I don't get wrapped up in the inevitable melee. If there are very...
  15. YakieS1

    Forza Horizon 2 General Discussion Thread

    Well found!! Can you snapshot the menus too? There is a lot of good info in that video: road count bucket list count, etc!
  16. YakieS1

    RomanBidnyy's Gallery

    That last shot is fantastic.
  17. YakieS1

    Gamescom new free cars

    Reading this thread has been very painful for me. My xbox one has been in a box on a moving truck since last Friday, and won't be set up again till Monday at least. What a stupid time to move!!
  18. YakieS1

    Forza 5 Livery Showcase

    @ClydeYellow, the attention to detail on that Honda is fantastic. Well done!!
  19. YakieS1

    Next DLC

    Can you be a little more specific about what you don't like? I'm thinking of getting a wheel someday, but am keen on understanding how well the game replicates real world steering forces. Do all the cars feel the same, or do cars with OEM electric steering, hydraulic steering, or...
  20. YakieS1

    First set of cars revealed for FH2 by T10!!!!

    Or perhaps update the OP with the full car list and make this the "car list discussion" Thread!! You'll have to update the OP as more reveals come along, but you're up for that, right?