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  1. Halvstein420

    For all of you chrome paint fans...

    Dartz Bugatti Veyron Red Chrome Wrap
  2. Halvstein420

    Project R It can be yours for the low low low price of only $27,995
  3. Halvstein420

    Steering in 3D

    Not looking to start a war here, but this article about 3D in movies is an interesting read... Why 3D doesn't work and never will. Case closed.
  4. Halvstein420

    I think I need a cockpit... (7th November 2012)

    I'm in the process of making my own cockpit and I plan to use your (or chilicoke's) design as a basis, and the dimensions would be really nice to have (planing to model my own version with personal preferences in AutoCAD first). I've searched trough this tread (briefly), and I didn't see any...
  5. Halvstein420

    Mazda 787B at Le Mans 2011...

    That was not a lap around the Bugatti Circuit, but a full lap around the Circuit de la Sarthe. But thanks for posting this awesome video! What a beautiful sound on the 787B!
  6. Halvstein420

    E3 Anticipation (Fanatec vs Thrustmaster?)

    Mmm... crumbled-up cookie things
  7. Halvstein420

    Update 1.10 Thread! (Check 1st post for Update Details)

    It was listed as a FR car before.
  8. Halvstein420

    Gran Turismo on PS Vita Pic

    Not all country's teach Latin at school... So, it's basically because you associate the vita-ending with another product already.
  9. Halvstein420

    Gran Turismo on PS Vita Pic

    Why do you guys think PS Vita is such a horrible name? You do know that Vita i latin for Life, right?
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    GT5 in SAS commercial?

    Snippet from a post made by the uploader on youtube:
  11. Halvstein420

    For all you that wanted a new microsoft wheel...

    Smilin' Stan S. Stanman?
  12. Halvstein420

    The Thrustmaster T500RS Thread

    No, none that I can think of, not with a stick shift at least. The Veyron and the BMW M5 have a seven-speed manual box, but both have paddle-shifters.
  13. Halvstein420

    What driver stats do i go off?

    I believe the answer your looking for is in this thread:
  14. Halvstein420

    Which "screen" should I count on?

    The driver list is the correct one. If you select a driver from the list, all the different bars "zoom in" for some unknown reason. (Same goes for the driver selection screen pre-event)
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    "auto grind device"...?
  16. Halvstein420

    B-Spec Grinder 2.5.2: Automate Remote Races

    This has been asked many times already. So let me answer your question with an quote from the previous page.
  17. Halvstein420

    Let's drive to the Moon...and beyond!

    182,434.0 km Let's set a course for Mars
  18. Halvstein420

    air of experience: an experiment

    Read my post here, to see why that was your result. All your Bob are the same age. If you put some of your Bob on-line you could test my last theory.
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    You could link back to the original thread I made about the car.