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    G27 wheel problems

    I have not only heard of the problem, but I had it! Bought my wheel on Amazon found that after playing for a bit it would go off centre. Happened from Day 1. Workaround was to pause -> unplug USB from PS3 -> re-plug USB & allow it to calibrate, then all good. Problem was worse with Rallying...
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    GT5 "Spec 2.0" Discussion Thread - Read the First post!

    Think it's great news, and can't wait to see what they have in store. Since GT5p Spec II & III were great updates, hopefully we can expect a similar level of improvement! I'm not going to get into individual things, but we all know there are plenty of features we'd love to see, so fingers...
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    That red time is seriously killing me

    I agree that this broken. I was convinced that it was deliberate until I read this: (taken from
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    How's everybody doing so far? SLS AMG event

    Dessy - check the link posted above ( - it's the top 250 (you're currently 45th).
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    How's everybody doing so far? SLS AMG event

    Got the gold, but only just with a 1:17.8.. lots of places to improve... but then again, I have no delusions of grandeur - I won't be troubling the leaderboard! :)
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    The Subaru Impreza WRX event

    As I'm sure you're aware, it's been discussed a number of times here, and there's a particularly long thread specific to it ( I tried a few of the setups in that thread, and settled on the RotaryJunkie setup, which worked the best of all...
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    Patches patches patches patxhes?????

    Maintenance still ongoing as far as I can tell.
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    PS3 got YLOD

    NjLowrider is right - the HDD is encrypted & locked to the original PS3 that it was in. The method he talks about is quite easy - I did it on my old one by following the videos on YouTube made by a guy named Gilksy: He claims it's a permanent fix, but...
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    A Few Queries From a Newcomer...

    B-Spec is, as others have said, a bit of a let down, but not all is lost. IMO, it's good for the prize cars, and not much else. My strategy on B-Spec was to give Bob an overpowered car for every race with the best tyres available, and he'll usually win. If there's any you're having trouble...
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    Low level, Not much money, Need a car. Any suggestions?

    Another option - not quite as generous as Isildur.. but also not limited to 1 million Cr: If you have any PSN friends that have GT5, they can share cars that you can borrow! Add me if you want - I currently have Ferrari F1 2007 and Bentley Speed 8 shared.. and happy to share out others
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    Issues with password reset.

    I'm guessing that D3VILSBREDWIN is in the same (or similar) situation as me - I had the YLOD just before the PSN went down, and now have a new console, so can't do the reset "on the original console" as required for the XMB reset. Fingers crossed for a fix soon..
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    Race Start Screen - Laps listed twice

    Hi All, I've noticed that on the race start screen before most races it says something like: "Race Events Series Name: Track Name / x laps / x laps" Does anyone know the meaning of, or reason for, having 2 sets of laps? For the time-based enduros, it has simply "Event Race / -- Laps"...
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    Japanese 80's Car of Choice?

    Used the AE86 totally stock (oil change only) for Cape Ring, and won second go - passed the leader on the way out of the ring on 2nd lap. Gave it the 2000Cr make over for SSR5 and did it pretty easy, passing leader at end of 4th lap. Great car!
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    How to save data from PS3 onto USB?

    The "Triangle Menu" in the garage also has an option to generate a new thumbnail. This is much quicker than setting to online then offline again! ;)
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    Drive Before You Buy - A car borrowing thread

    Not looking for anything at the moment.. but will post if I am. Also have this, happy to share it too! Include the car in the friend-request so I don't forget to share!
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    Drive Before You Buy - A car borrowing thread

    I have the Bentley Speed 8! Add me & I'll share it.
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    Add your PSN ID for unofficial GTP informal racing

    PSN: BadDoggie (GMT). Keen for some clean, decent online racing (although I reckon I'm a bit rubbish, I try to keep it clean). Pls include GTP in the request!
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    Petition for the G27 and G25 and Fanatec full support

    I'll sign this! Dog
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    B-Spec Grinder 2.5.2: Automate Remote Races

    Hi Enog - totally agree (I have a Masters in IT Security, so am ALWAYS paranoid!). That's why I've expanded this and analysed the code before I used it! I'm not the best coder, but am satisfied that it only sends info to and, however, I would recommend that...
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    B-Spec Grinder 2.5.2: Automate Remote Races

    Hi Konis, looks good dude - cheers. One request/suggestion for you - could you add an option to turn off the debug window? Or, what could be really cool (for tracking lock ups etc), is an optional/expandable "log window" that shows the messages at the bottom of the widget... like this...