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    New seasonal, Real Circuit Tours

    This is great stuff - with the cars I love to drive. Only had time to do Monza so far. 3rd place with the R8 that is in the OCD at the moment. 2nd place with the stealth 787B (lost by 1 cars length) 1st place with the mad Minolta
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    1.10 update problem

    I've got the same thing and I only have about 1100 cars :grumpy:
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    1.10 update problem

    Now the PS3 won't even read the GT5 disk. Saturday morning I'm packing it up to take back to the shop.
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    1.10 update problem

    Just got the chance to test Eifel. PS3 froze again, so the new update changes nothing. I'm goint to try the full install of the data now, last time I tried it it froze with about 3 minutes to go.
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    1.10 update problem

    What is the 8 gig update? Edit: I'm going to test as soon as I get home using the Honda seasonal on the Eifel track. This is where my PS3 locks up every time just as the track loading bar is about to complete
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    1.10 update problem

    New PS3 update 3.66 offers a glimmer of hope for freezing problems:
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    My PS3 is about to go in for repair - no remote racing for a while

    Just a note to the guys that race my drivers that I'll have to be offline for a while. I'll make it up to you guys when I get my replacement.
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    1.10 update problem

    I've actually spent a full week trying everything. Last night things were looking promising when I deleted the installed data and left GT5 to install data on the fly. I did the first 2 seasonal Civic events without problems and I even left the PS3 on all night running remote racing with Yonis's...
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    1.10 update problem

    I'm having problems with freezing when viewing cars in the Online Collectors dealership. Was able to buy one car this morning, but trying to buy a 2nd car caused a freeze. Also having similar problems as others with the online events not completing. I've got all the music disabled and PS3 and...
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    Ride height

    Wow. If I saw that happen in a racing game, I would have thought that the physics were totally messed up.
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    B-Spec Grinder 2.5.2: Automate Remote Races

    2.5.1 is working again. Thanks Yonis.
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    B-Spec Grinder 2.5.2: Automate Remote Races

    Not working anymore with the UK server here as well. Using the GT5 My Home web page is working though. I'm getting the same error as doctorrg.
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    Current PSN outage: Don't abuse or we lose this thread.

    Humph. Only 5 museum cards and paints for GT5.
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    Bob drives better than me...

    Bob is certainly better with the X1 2010 than I am unless the track is Daytona.:)
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    air of experience: an experiment

    I finally nailed this trophy yesterday and promptly retired my sole available driver to create a new one. As luck would have it, I had one driver set to offline before the PSN went down. The way I did it mostly was by running "Like the Wind" 5 times in a row and then popping out to see what...
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    Driving Force Pro- Worth it?

    Thats a great tip about how to adjust the sensitivity. I've had a DFP for a few years that I used to use for PC sims and have recently dusted it off to use for GT5. After getting used to playing with the DS3, the only problem I have with the wheel is that I find it difficult to correct from...
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    B-Spec Grinder 2.5.2: Automate Remote Races

    I've been seeing the same "server refused" message, but I find things to be more stable with the default settings of 4 threads and a 0 second delay. I use the UK server
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    B-Spec Grinder 2.5.2: Automate Remote Races

    This only seems to work if the Reciprocate option is not selected.
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    101 Things to do before you eventually get bored of GT5

    Buy every car in the game. Drive at least 1 lap in each.
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    B-Spec Remote Race Friends

    There is a bug when you select always use drivers and choose 0 drivers free. The confirmation message pops up behind the manage drivers screen and you can't see it unless you have dragged the manage drivers screen to the side first.