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    New Update coming 9th April

    Looks like my patch bugged out. PS4 downloading 24.141 GB update :(
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    The NSX is making a return...

    NSX in red, video with GT5 running in background.
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    B-Spec Grinder 2.5.2: Automate Remote Races

    Working great here. Been running it all day.
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    *** ALL 1031 CARS Availiable For Free !!!!** $350 Million Sent so far!

    PSN Name: avapug Car: Nissan 370Z Tuned Car (GT Academy Version) '08
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    How would you kill Bob?

    I'd put him in a traffic jam.
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    2010 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

    Congrats to Vettel!
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    GT5 Latest News & Discussion

    Nice video. Can't wait for it to come out now.
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    GT5 Latest News & Discussion

    Click on the yellow button then type in captcha then press yellow button again
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    GT5 Latest News & Discussion

    hope they give us a bonus for this!
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    Red Bull Racing and F1 in GT5?

    Maybe Red Bull Racing hired Polyphony Digital to do their F1 simulators :D
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    [Gran Turismo 5 @ E3 2010] (SEE POST 1!: New Vids, Pics, Interviews!)

    If you wanna rewatch the trailer go to and fast forward to 1hr 13 mins 40 sec.
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    Pre-release GT5:Prologue Thread Firmware 2.17 mandatory for GT5:P? (and Pictures)

    gt5 pics