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    How Old are you and how long you been playing GT?

    48 and playing since GT1, and GT4 is my favourite.
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    If you had wasted 30 seconds before posting and check the first page before doing it, you would have seen that he already done a tune for the Furai. You can find it there.
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    I know that this might sound stupid, but how do you increase top speed with the final gear? Does this mean more final gear or less? Sorry for asking.
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    International A 15 minute Nurburgring ring glitch?

    Hi, It happened something similar to me a few times on 20 minutes races. On the last last i am in first place and i go down to around 11 or 12 and cross the line like that. After i cross the finish line it goes back to normal and i appear like the winner and get the money from the foirst place..
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    I think you wopuld make a lot more money and would be a lot easier for some people if you could pay the add with Paypal, and not just cc I would get it myself. If you donate, how do i get the tunes that are in the app?
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    The Chaparralm was alreadt a good car to drive, and with your tune its awsome. Will you do a tune for the Deltawing, any time soon ?
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    What is your top speed and in which car?

    521 km in a Pagani Huayra
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    GT6 Tune Directory (Index of Every Tune!!)

    Are there any tunes available anywhere for the Bmw M4 that i can use on the TT ? I dont seem yto see it in any of the Tuning threads. Tks in advance, i am still 2 seconds away from gold, and stuck on those seconds.
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    Super Races - Issues/Tips/Helps

    I used the 908 for Spa and Le mans, and the Rocket for all the other ones. No problem to win any of them
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    24 Minutes of Nürburgring

    Just use the Rocket. You dont need to pit, and as long as you keep on the track, its an easy win.
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    Your Favorite Car in GT6?

    The Rocket. You can win any race with that thing. Just amazing, won all the S races with it.
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    Best car to use for Historic racing car cup?

    Toyota 7 will do the job easily.
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    Your GT6 Stats

    License: S Game progress: 61% License awards: 32/75 Stars: 469/573 Cars Owned: 1373 Races Entered: 251 Races Won: 189 Current Credits: 18 742 906 Total Credits Earned: 11 289 686 Total Cost Of Tuning: 13 479 950 Total Mileage: 6025,8 km Total Driving Time: 37.1 hrs Photos Taken: 0 Paint Colors...
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    Want a greater variety of Paint Chips? Try these Cars & Share your Favourite Paint Chips

    Does anybody knows how many paint cheaps are there exactly in the game, and if you get them double? I have over 900 and it seams a lot for them to be all diferent.
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    20 million credits for free!

    Yes, that is still possible.
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    20 million credits for free!

    If you buy the cars like before, to sell them for 20kk in 1.00, they dont show up in there any more, so you can not sell them, and even if you had any of them already, whatever you buy there will not show up in 1.02. You still keep all your money and the cars you had to sell for 6kk, I have...
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    20 million credits for free!

    It does not work anymore with the new update.
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    20 million credits for free!

    I have done it with the Mercedes, and already have all the cars in the game and 100 Gt20 in stock. I might be wrong, i will see the M4