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    Made a B-Spec USB-device to auto grind for me. :)

    Oscillating fan also works wonders :-
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    Remote Racing payout gone down?

    Surely the problem with trying to buy all cars..... is waiting for them to all appear in the dealership? Anyway.... more PSN accounts and race yourself :)
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    Remote Racing payout gone down?

    Did they reduce the XP or is it just the cash? If its just cash... who cares.
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    That happened to me because I didn't manually save after setting my bobs to online.
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    manual save after doing anything with your remote bobs as it doesn't autosave.
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    B-Spec Grinder 2.5.2: Automate Remote Races

    thanks yonis, ggod work :)
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    Remote Race bot?

    would also be interested in taking a look at this... forum doesn't allow me to PM however :S