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  1. enog

    If you could combine any game with GT6, what would it be?

    GT6 and Minecraft, just imagine the tracks you could create!!
  2. enog

    soo... anyone wants to say AI is too weak?

    I might if PD work on improving the AI, rather than ignoring it as per your suggestion
  3. enog

    soo... anyone wants to say AI is too weak?

    And what about those people that can't or don't want to race online? Screw them as long as you get what you want? Bigger picture and all that...
  4. enog

    GT6 Anniversary Edition (UK) Apex Book

    The real question is, where is the ebook/pdf/app for this?
  5. enog

    Toyota 86 GT Super Lap-Active OP

    I cannot repeat this tune, no matter what I do. Power/weight ratio never matches up, gear ratios are impossible to match, only thing I can set correctly is suspension geometry! Any more info on the car? Miles, recent oil change, aero parts, etc?
  6. enog

    GT6 Anniversary Edition (UK) Apex Book

    Starting to think PD have just let this one slide...
  7. enog


    My birthday was last Tuesday, and when I updated this morning I got a Nissan Skyline Hard Top 2000 Turbo RS (R30) '83
  8. enog

    If you've ever wondered if you're using the "correct" camera view...

    Whilst this is very true, in car view does away with reality due to the distance you sit from your tv screen, and the fact that there is a set of hands and a steering wheel in front of your hands and controller/wheel. If in car view did away with the wheel and hands, and moved the camera forward...
  9. enog

    "Shokunin" Concept

    This is possibly a little off topic, but I'd like to see GT7 arrange cars a little differently in the dealerships. Instead of all the miatas and skylines and everything else listed individually, I'd like to see an arrangement where, for example, you go into the mazda dealer, choose the miata...
  10. enog

    So i've just saw the news about the X2014...

    Let me ask one question: Would you rather that the cars/events arrived at the end of January but didn't work correctly, or would you prefer that for once PD wait til something is actually ready before releasing it?
  11. enog

    GIFs of cars with tiny difference (tutorial & GT500/MX5/GTR series added)

    This thread kinda goes to show how much time goes into modelling all of these cars, with all of the subtle little differences. There may be a million different miatas, but they are all a little different...
  12. enog

    Any questions to Taku Imasaki? UPDATE: questions answered

    He dodged all the questions
  13. enog

    Any questions to Taku Imasaki? UPDATE: questions answered

    I can tell you exactly what he really meant with the livery editor: "We don't have the time or man power to police user created content, and we don't want to see penis cars"
  14. enog

    Update 1.04 (Coming at the end of January)

    You've no idea what you're letting yourself in for with this... :eek:
  15. enog

    GT6 Anniversary Edition (UK) Apex Book

    Just thought about this, I take it that it still isn't available?
  16. enog

    Scirocco Super Lap

    Just one question to all the guys in the low twenties, wheel or pad?
  17. enog

    What is the point of money in GT6?

    They're neither forcing directly or indirectly, you can earn as much money as you want in the game if you're prepared to put the time in, the only people who fall foul of these things are those without the patience to earn things for themselves
  18. enog

    What is the point of money in GT6?

    I actually really like the idea of a virtual garage where your cars are stored, that you can walk around and look at the cars, like they had in Test Drive Unlimited. You could buy upgrades for your garage to reduce the cost of the GT Auto parts of the game, so you buy car washing equipment and...
  19. enog

    M4 willowsprings , white out.

    Obviously this relates to the sun reflecting off the rocks and track surface, as I had the same issue but resolved it with a combination of lowering the brightness and learning the track layout! I actually had the same problem on my drive to work the other morning, low sun and damp road...