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    Confession Booth

    "Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate" :P
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    WRC 10 Announced, Coming September 2 on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox

    cross-gen <-> cross-play Pretty sure you only get the PS4 and PS5 Version with the Deluxe while you only get PS5 or PS4 with the Standard for each console generation. Call of Duty does this. Crossgen-Versions are more expensive than the single platform version.
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    Unpopular Motorsport Opinions

    In 2003 Kimi missed the title by 2 points and the fact he had to give back the win in Brazil and 4 points to Fisichella who crashed his car but lucked to the win because of this crash the previous lap did count as race result and the race didn't restart. He also had the fastest car in 2005 but...
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    Formula 1 Formula 1 Pirelli British Grand Prix 2021

    Lewis got 2 penalty points for the crash, just like Kimi in Austria colliding with Seb. He is on 4p now (2 from entering pits in Monza under closed pits in 2020, they will disappear in 2 month 1y after the incident) motorsport com has a overview...
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    Formula 1 Formula 1 Pirelli British Grand Prix 2021

    Another instant classic:
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    Formula 1 Formula 1 Pirelli British Grand Prix 2021

    Another avoidable and "useless" incident for Russell as soon as he can fight for "sth" with other cars...
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    Formula 1 2021 F1 Driver Thread

    No I just saw a big crash which 100% is the reason to stop the car. Russell didn't like most of todays F1 and got the karma. Just a question of time we have another Bianchi incident with this behaviour. And I'm sorry but you'll never convince me that this crash wasn't avoidable. It wasn't...
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    Formula 1 Formula 1 Pirelli British Grand Prix 2021

    As soon as the RB isn't superior anymore Perez drops off like Albon and Gasly. Worked absolutely fine (like always since 2 years) here.
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    Formula 1 2021 F1 Driver Thread

    Just braking would have safed him. Kimi was still between him and Gio so it wasn't that he had plenty of time to react to a safety-car causing crash in front. Look how far he is away. Would've been a easy miss for Lewis, Seb, etc.
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    Formula 1 2021 F1 Driver Thread

    the Spa - Gio crash was absolutely avoidable too
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    Gran Turismo 7: Latest news and discussion thread (Delayed)

    When was a track ever exclusive to a game due to licensing issues? And on the other hand there are games without any license but the tracks are still in with different names.
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    A Test Drive Unlimited Sequel is On Its Way From WRC Developer Kylotonn

    There wasn't any realism in street scales on Oahu or Ibiza 😄
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    If you had to kill off one video game series in favor of bringing back another, what would it be?

    Funny read here! Rockstar, get rid of Red Dead Redemption Series and bring back Midnight Club Series Get rid of Dirt 5 and bring us Rallisport Challenge 3 Get rid of Grid and bring us a new Burnout (no open World pls) Get rid of PCars 4 and bring us Enthusia 2 Get rid of NFS Hot Pursuit...
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    Formula 1 2021 F1 Driver Thread

    Still bins it as soon the car is quick enough to fight for positions even if Austria was his best race at Williams yet. Still thinking it would be too soon for a top cockpit. Just look at Charles, (3rd Ferrari, 4th F1 year) still making rookie errors or look back Max in the first RB years. Took...
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    What are you Eating/Drinking?

    Best drink you'll probably never heard of outside of Germany. Even it's from Paulaner it's not a beer. I just had one ☺️ There are variants from Coca-Cola (called Mezzo Mix, est 1973) and Pepsi (called Schwipp Schwapp, est 1969) but they never managed to sell bigger amounts outside of...
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    Project CARS 3: General Discussion Thread - Out August 28th, 2020 on XB1/PS4/PC

    It is still a fun arcade racer with huge content and still up to today nothing similar (arcade racing with real cars on real racetracks) has been released or will be released in the next 12 or more month. With the updates it clearly jumps over the 70% rating mark which is absolutely fine for an...
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    Formula 1 2021 Formula 1 Calendar thread

    2nd Bahrain is still possible, maybe outer loop again