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  1. NihilismOnToast

    Forget YLOD, has anyone else been getting this?

    The hard drives used in the PS3 have the same form factor as those used in a laptop. You could try using a case and then hook it up to a PC. I'm not sure if the PS3 uses FAT/FAT32, but if it does then you should be able to copy the hard drive contents to a new one. Chances are your current PS3...
  2. NihilismOnToast

    GT-R Official Record (READ FIRST POST)

    Hi folks, An update on my earlier post: I'm down to 7:41:xx and this time I spun it at Wipperman. I find the section after the Karousel to be the hardest as you are punished severely for straying off the line. The only obstacle now seems to be staying on the track. It's disheartening to...
  3. NihilismOnToast

    Redlining make you faster?

    @Falango Thank you for that excellent post. It really broadened my understanding of how to manage gear selection.
  4. NihilismOnToast

    GT-R Official Record (READ FIRST POST)

    I am using this trophy as a yardstick of my abilities thus far. I am using a DFGT with the following settings: Tyres: Sports: Hard Transmission: Manual TCS: Off Skid Recovery: Off ASM: Off Steer Assist: Off ABS: 1 Grip Reduction: Real Damage: Heavy Wheel Settings: Mode: Simulation, PS: Off...
  5. NihilismOnToast

    Biggest "I'm an idiot" thing you've done in GT5

    One time, I meant to restart the race but I accidentally pressed continue...I felt pretty stupid after that one...*cough* Another time, I meant to brake with 50% strength but actually braked closer to 48%...I felt dumber than a bag of wet mice after that one. And finally, I intended to tell my...
  6. NihilismOnToast

    Moments that induce controller related violence

    I think anyone who breaks a controller over a videogame is seriously not fit for playing videogames. It's a game. It's meant to be enjoyable...and if a game drives you to vent frustration on an inanimate object then you are clearly missing the point of videogames. It's natural to get frustrated...
  7. NihilismOnToast

    TG Test Track "Reasonably Priced Car" Challenge #3... DEADLINE TOMORROW!

    I've given it another go and I'm down to 1:28:923. I reckon a 1:28:7xx is possible for me if I can nail Chicago and the exit on Hammerhead.
  8. NihilismOnToast

    Historic Race Car Cup Help

    Thanks for all the help chaps. Just noticed the tyre restriction is Racing Medium. I've bought a set and I'll let you know how it all goes!
  9. NihilismOnToast

    Historic Race Car Cup Help

    Does anybody have a definitive tuning setup for the Toyota 7 Race Car on Côte D'Azur for my Bob? He spends most of his time bouncing off the rev limiter and I'm pretty sure there is just an assortment of valve springs and fragmented metal where his face used to be. Also, at least once per race...
  10. NihilismOnToast

    Gran Turismo 5 is playing Christmas music on the main menu

    I think a cover of Chris Rea's "Driving Home For Christmas" would have been apt. ;) Jazzunori Yamauchi-san...Merry Christmas!
  11. NihilismOnToast

    Formula Gran Turismo Livery Exchange

    I am still open to offers folks. Also, anyone who wants to swap liveries is free to use this thread of course.
  12. NihilismOnToast

    Which car do you most enjoy starting up in garage?

    I will second that. Whenever I start it up, I am overcome an evil grin as I realise the power that now lies at my fingertips! It's almost indistinguishable from the real thing...hear for yourselves:
  13. NihilismOnToast

    Formula Gran Turismo Livery Exchange

    Would anyone like to swap their Formula Gran Turismo car for my red one plus a few paint chips I'll throw in to sweeten the deal? The livery I seek is the yellow and black one. It is reminiscent of Jordan GP and the Renault 2010 livery. Send me a PM and we can sort out a deal. I have several...
  14. NihilismOnToast

    Strange sense of speed whit cockpitview!?

    For me, if I set it to narrowest setting, then all sense of speed is lost. I think it has to do with not being able to see the side windows. That being said, I have played Supercar Challenge, and its narrowest cockpit view is excellent in comparison. In GT, I tend to stick to Bumper Cam as I...
  15. NihilismOnToast

    The Car Delivery Truck

    I wish it had an animation like that of Ridge Racer on the PSP when you receive a new car. The ability to drive said truck around a track with bales of hay at one end of the cargo area and an electric heater at the other is optional.
  16. NihilismOnToast

    TG Test Track "Reasonably Priced Car" Challenge #3... DEADLINE TOMORROW!

    First attempts here for me also. I'm in the low 1:30:xxx region...with a wheel. I'm finding the first corner and Chicago quite tricky. I'm probably dropping a second or two there. I managed a 1:28:8xx once...but I spoiled it by cutting the follow-through by a whisker. I shall endeavour on...
  17. NihilismOnToast

    daan's video diary (updated with Corvette C7 Test Prototype)

    Thanks for this thread daan. Looking forward to seeing you beat the Historic Racing Car Cup and then proceeding to commit them to memory. Let us know how it goes!
  18. NihilismOnToast

    Favorite car to drive?

    Jaguar E-Type Coupé '61 Great sound, unforgettable looks, lively handling and sufficient punch to tame almost anything one can throw at it.
  19. NihilismOnToast

    Prize cars!

    Nothing tops the following so-called "prize" for beating the Pick-up Truck series: It's almost as if they are laughing at us! I did find it mildly amusing though I guess.
  20. NihilismOnToast

    Seattle and New York

    Seattle was a good 'un. I remember cringing every time I approached the first corner on the Reverse version. I also loved the run off areas at the right angled corners...they helped to add a greater sense of flow to the track. I'll always associate this track with the roar of American muscle...