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  1. J

    GTP's Hot Version Touge Showdown

    So how does this work? Who judges the cars and I'm guessing we need to hand then over to the judge??
  2. J

    GT5 Movie in The Making

    Sounds good, have fun on your vacation :)
  3. J

    What's with the hate on g27s

    A guy on page 3 said it, I just failed at quoting him.
  4. J

    What's with the hate on g27s

    but GTP people seem you have a lot of problems.. hate against AWD/4WD drifting hate against none CH drifting hate against MR drifting hate against speed drifting instead of angle hate against aggressive driving hate against contact/ramming <<< I agree with this one hate against new players<<<...
  5. J

    Drifting Cars

    I'm pretty sure I saw a pic of sumone's build for D1 with over 1200hp. Maybe Taniguchi? Not sure. It's definitely more fun to drift with a high powered car (my personal favorite is that Z06 from '63 or somewhere around that time) the rush of power is just overwhelming when you don't expect it...
  6. J

    What's your drift style like?

    Depending on how much straight there is b4 a corner I try to get that precise moment where you can start the drift way early and not use the brakes but the friction of the tires sliding to slow you down, then once in the corner it's all angle. (show drift) I also have a speed drift where I...
  7. J

    What's with the hate on g27s

    Yeah i used drift bible when I started on prologue :) add me too. We should all have a wheel sesh or sumthing
  8. J

    xDriFtZz's Drift and Chill Video Sessions This Friday 10pm GMT

    Haha drift limbo sounds fun, tell me when the next session will be :)
  9. J

    DFGT Help?

    Oh icic does DFGT have 900 degrees too?
  10. J

    DFGT Help?

    Your welcome! What is the MS wheel? I have Logitech G27 :)
  11. J

    GT5 Movie in The Making

    Can I do what? And what is multiplier-bonus?
  12. J

    GT5 Movie in The Making

    I can do anything
  13. J

    DFGT Help?

    I taught my friend and the power over drift helped him alot since initiating the drift is hard for inexperienced drifters
  14. J

    Your DLC Wishlist

    Yeah.. I Hope it appears :P drifting did get way more attention form GT4 to GT5 though
  15. J

    NEMESIS Night Slide | PPD until GT6 | Tandem Drifts

    If a decide to pull a late one I will check it out :P
  16. J

    NEMESIS Night Slide | PPD until GT6 | Tandem Drifts

    10p PST is 1am EST? Dayum
  17. J

    DROPFIVE Motorsports | KDFAlliance | [HOONIGAN]

    Just post the time and I'll help if I can get on.
  18. J

    NEMESIS Night Slide | PPD until GT6 | Tandem Drifts

    What time will the lobby be open tonight?
  19. J

    hi gt5planet :)

    I've never used a controller on GT5 before cause I got my G27 before GT5 came out. It was all set up by the time i got my hands on prologue. It wasn't too bad of a transition into the full game when it came out. The best advice I could give you is to just go out and pull the ebrake. Get a feel...