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  1. Jay

    2018 Mazda 6 facelift brings 2.5L Turbo from CX-9

    Nice car congrats, I really like the current 6. I am highly considering the next gen Mazda 6 after how good our BP Mazda 3 is.
  2. Jay

    2019 Mazda3

    The car has been great, only issue I've had with it is when you park it in 45 degrees C temp (113 degrees F) the display goes black for a little while. Otherwise brilliant. I love it.
  3. Jay

    Ferrari SF90 Stradale (F173)

    A SF90 in town! I like it more in person than I expected, but to me it doesn't hold up to the LaFerrari
  4. Jay

    Laguna Seca Confirmed for This Week's GT Sport Christmas Update

    Love it. Ford GT 993 Crown Very happy.
  5. Jay

    Complete Guide/Rewards - Lewis Hamilton Time Attack Challenge

    Only attempted the first one (dragons trail), 0.012 off Lewis's time. Have no trouble getting a couple of tenths ahead of Lewis but the chicane of death gets me every time. I either catch the wall or lose a couple tenths on that chicane. I have never come out faster than Lewis through there. Any...
  6. Jay

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Vulcan works better for me also, although frame rate is similar. Had the odd crash with dx12 but never with Vulcan. Overall I am very happy with the way it runs.
  7. Jay

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Anyone else have the issue (PC) in first person mode outside of a camp where you get stuck running? The only way to go back to walk is to switch to third person and back again to first person viewpoint. This fixes it for all of 10 seconds..... So frustrating, I just want to wander around in...
  8. Jay

    1.45 Manual H pattern with clutch broken again? *edit. Nope, hardware issue solved*

    So I pulled apart my shifter completely, removed the sensors/resistors and cleaned them with electrical contact cleaner. Put it back together and made sure everything is secured. Back to normal again, thanks.
  9. Jay

    1.45 Manual H pattern with clutch broken again? *edit. Nope, hardware issue solved*

    I do have the G29 shifter, I started to feel like I might have to pull it apart. Thanks I'll check it out.
  10. Jay

    1.45 Manual H pattern with clutch broken again? *edit. Nope, hardware issue solved*

    I guess no one else is experiencing this issue? My shifter might be playing up?
  11. Jay

    1.45 Manual H pattern with clutch broken again? *edit. Nope, hardware issue solved*

    I thought I would take out the 2013 Viper GTS and finding gears has been really difficult. Especially 2nd gear, often it goes in gear briefly and feels free to pop me out again. Only car I've tried since the update but it is a nightmare to find gears. Sometimes I can manage it with really quick...
  12. Jay

    Must buy 20,000,000 dollar car to race in nostalgic 1979 professional race ?

    I wish I couldn't sell mine, I accidently sold my 330 P4 I bought a month ago.....
  13. Jay

    Collector's Edition DLC Bug - was this ever fixed?

    Same issue which I've had from the start. Last time I put in my car codes from collectors editions. My garage has always been a mess. I also wish we could sell/delete any car. I hate having cars I don't want in my garage.
  14. Jay

    Clutch & Gear Shift Changes

    Hmmm interesting, getting conflicting reports. I'll have to give it a go soon when I can and check it out. I sure hope it's improved, it was horrible in 1.39.
  15. Jay


    I haven't tried the clio yet but it is a 200 odd horsepower car with V6 right over the rear wheels so I'm not really surprised it's not power oversteering (assuming it's power overseer you're referring too).
  16. Jay

    2019 Mazda3

    Agreed I might be biased but I think the sedan looks stunning. It has gotten larger, when I showed my parents (they own a outgoing BN Mazda3) they were surprised by how large it is. Still 200mm shorter than the 6 however.
  17. Jay

    Clutch & Gear Shift Changes

    I haven't had a chance to test the H pattern since 1.40, anyone find a noticable improvement?
  18. Jay

    2019 Mazda3

    Sun finally came out on the weekend for a short time so I managed to get a look at the blue.
  19. Jay

    Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.37 Released: H-Pattern Shifter Fix

    They pretty much broke it again, miss shifts so easily again. Unless you go for flat shifts.... Go figure. (Non sports modes)
  20. Jay

    Clutch & Gear Shift Changes

    It's still not right. I tested with the 88 Countach and it still throws you have to either super granny shift (especially into 3rd gear) like the old horrible update or flat shift. Infact I just flat shift without issue but any lift of the throttle and it misses. I also noticed the first shift...