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  1. Reddee

    How to drift

    What's that off topic post reported ha ha. What you typed wasn't even funny it was sad and pathetic. Back on topic I think the steering mod is very helpful for beginners it's helped me (alot). It made me smoother and you have way more control.
  2. Reddee

    How to drift

    I wIll slap u Bruv. But seriously haven't you got better things to be doing than being a grammar cop. Get a life man I was giving my opinion.
  3. Reddee

    How to drift

    Tbh I think it would be better for wheel noobs to use lock. It makes drifting alot easier.
  4. Reddee

    MCR Factory | Mind Control. | Team MCR. |

    To be honest we haven't been on gt5 much. I haven't drifted for two week. Iv been too busy with GTA 5 lol.
  5. Reddee

    Horsepower and such.

    I drift my 300zx at 638bhp. I like to feather the throttle and not go flat out all the time like you have to do with 300bhp or less.
  6. Reddee

    GT6 Drifting Video (Recorded at Silverstone, USA GT Academy 2013)

    Looks kind of twitchy and fast. Was that on CH?
  7. Reddee

    Saturday Night Drift Series.

    Psn: MCR-smokey Car:300zx HP:600 Hybrid:yes Engine:1jz but changing to 2jz Chassis: standard Backup: lol nope
  8. Reddee

    Saturday Night Drift Series.

    When's this held Alex this Saturday?
  9. Reddee

    Worst you've dealt with online...

    That's what the Saudis do lol have yo not watched the Saudi drifters. Pure idiots spinning there FwD cars down packed highways waving ak47s out the window.
  10. Reddee

    MLD | The Infamous Elite | The Best of The West! |

    Would you say it's better though ?. Thanks for the inside info.
  11. Reddee

    MCR Factory | Mind Control. | Team MCR. |

    Just say you what give me my account back or else ha ha.
  12. Reddee

    *CLOSED * Back to school Drift Weekend! *CLOSED*

    What happened to this meet?
  13. Reddee

    *CLOSED * Back to school Drift Weekend! *CLOSED*

    Psn ID: MCR-smokey Drifting experience: been drifting on gt5 since day one, been on the wheel for around a year. Still not the best but practice daily. Time zone: GMT Favourite type of car: JDM Wheel/controller: G27 Drift team: MCR
  14. Reddee

    Wolves' Den Drift Works, First Releases Out Now

    Do you guys tune for wheel or controller?.
  15. Reddee

    RedSuns Mafia-5 Years and still sideways

    Lol I couldn't care less if gtp disappeared. No one hardly uses the drift section anymore anyway. Most people are turning to face book as there is no restrictions on what you post. A team can chat about team things with out the off topic police locking your thread. Plus you don't have to deal...
  16. Reddee

    RedSuns Mafia-5 Years and still sideways

    I can't wait lol.
  17. Reddee

    Pics of your setup

    Funny you should say that. Iv had this idea for a long time.
  18. Reddee

    Show Your Drift Cars

    Seems to me that your the disgrace. Complaining about some ones picture seriously grow up.
  19. Reddee

    RedSuns Mafia-5 Years and still sideways

    That must give me the title of gt5 drift king :).