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  1. CommandrCyclops

    Network issues. Help!

    I had server issues too, mostly with loading decals in the livery editor. I just figured it was the same thing that happens every Christmas. But I never got an error code like OP.
  2. CommandrCyclops

    [NE-21194400] Error

    This is what I'm getting in California right now. I went to to see what was up. In my Library, only photos and replays were showing up, but Discover was working fine, and I successfully downloaded a decal (which now shows up in Library as my only decal). And the Decal Uploader...
  3. CommandrCyclops

    GT Sport Undocumented Changes Thread (Update 1.50)

    The replay camera angle at the finish of a race at Mount Panorama has been changed. It used to be at ground level, but now it's a drone style shot from above.
  4. CommandrCyclops

    GT Sport Undocumented Changes Thread (1.47/1.48)

    Wasn't it always five laps?
  5. CommandrCyclops


    If I can't get to the game by midnight, and miss a daily workout car, I'll set the clock on my console back a few hours and then knock it out with the Tomahawk on Route X.
  6. CommandrCyclops

    GT Sport Undocumented Changes (1.41)

    Looks like it even works on old saved replays.
  7. CommandrCyclops

    Game Wear

    Thinking of getting a pair of these
  8. CommandrCyclops

    Better daily cars recently?

    I've done pretty well the last week: I scored a Vulcan and a Tomahawk S, two expensive cars I didn't have before. However, my Raptor and Samba Bus collections continue to grow.
  9. CommandrCyclops

    I Need Your GT Sport Facts!!

    About 5000 kilos of heroin are trafficked into the U.S. through SSRX Airport every week. Remember those tunnels that turned up in the game data in GT6? The real purpose of the tunnels was to move the product off the PDI Line ships directly to the hangars, where it's loaded onto the planes and...
  10. CommandrCyclops

    Custom race save

    I'd like to see all the GT League stuff added to the custom races. Then we could do stuff like Premium Sports Lounge on whatever track we want, and as long or short as we want.
  11. CommandrCyclops

    Taking a car for a test drive?

    And as jlbmel pointed out, you have to be online to enter Brand Central. But what if you went all the way to the purchase screen before yanking the cord? Or would your money disappear with the internet connection? Maybe I'll test it out with a Samba Bus to see if it works. Edit: It worked! I...
  12. CommandrCyclops

    Liveries with hidden little gems

    I’ve put hidden stuff in liveries on occasion. Someone made a decal showing the HSV values of the Gulf colors which I hide in any Gulf livery I make, usually too small to read, like some random warning sticker. Someone also made a decal of a classic In-N-Out Burger bumper sticker, which I...
  13. CommandrCyclops

    Daily roulette is rigged.

    I think if it was strictly predetermined, we’d have a reference thread by now and we’d be able to look up what our next car is. I think it is predetermined, but can be changed by PD. Clearly, when new cars or events are added, the odds of getting those cars on the spinner increase, at least for...
  14. CommandrCyclops

    GT Sport Undocumented Changes Thread (1.29/1.30)

    "We fixed an issue in GT League where opponent cars were not being refueled in the "GT League Endurance" races." This makes it sound like the glitch might still work in Arcade mode. Can anyone confirm? It'd be nice if they threw us a bone for grinding. Thank god. I hit the ceiling a while...
  15. CommandrCyclops

    Accessing user-created tracks

    If they add a track editor on top of the livery editor, I may have to give up sleeping.
  16. CommandrCyclops

    Saved decals limit?

    Holy cow, and I probably have twice that many saved in the livery editor that I haven't uploaded. I guess it's time to get in there and be honest with myself about all my "works in progress".
  17. CommandrCyclops

    Saved decals limit?

    You can technically have more than a thousand though. If you put a decal in a favorites folder, you can delete it from the main collection list to make room and still have it available in the favorites folder. There's also apparently a limit on the number of saved liveries you can have in the...
  18. CommandrCyclops

    New Hues to Choose in This Week's GT Sport Mileage Exchange Update

    Some of the manufacturer paints can be replicated with the color picker. Paint something, say Rosso Scuderia, then go over to the color picker and it will show the HSV values for Rosso Scuderia. I think it only works on solid colors.
  19. CommandrCyclops

    Let's discuss economics in GT Sport, and potentially in a future game.

    They could do this pretty easily by going back to the ticket system from GT5. They could just have tickets for each category, year, country, make, etc.
  20. CommandrCyclops

    Things we saw but didn't make it in the full game.

    I've gotten the finishing fireworks on Tokyo Expressway. It was either in Driving School or one of the Mission Challenges.