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  1. gt_fan

    Drive Hub Racing Wheel Converter

    It says Wreckfest PS5 when you look at the internal storage. Don't know how else to check. I already know the DS4 doesn't work so I just use the Hori pad / Drivehub combo for ps5. If you have F1 2021, try getting the hori pad and test with the drivehub. I don't have F1 2021 otherwise I'll test...
  2. gt_fan

    Drive Hub Racing Wheel Converter

    Both the ps4 and hori controllers don't work in Astro's playroom.
  3. gt_fan

    Drive Hub Racing Wheel Converter

    I tested Wreckfest (ps5 version) using the DriveHub and a Hori gamepad - works fine. I wonder if it is using ps4 code for the controllers. Don't have Dirt 5 or F1 2021 to test.
  4. gt_fan

    Drive Hub Racing Wheel Converter

    I don't have any ps5 games that use a wheel. What game are you testing it on?
  5. gt_fan

    Drive Hub Racing Wheel Converter Have a look at Podger's post I'm using a Hori pad with my CSW 2.5 on ps5
  6. gt_fan

    Whats the best wheel you can get for Xbox 360?

    I don't think you can buy anything new. Second hand ones may not work properly - this gear is really old. I have a CSR and a Porsche wheel in boxes, the CSR has a slippy belt and the Porsche has a broken sensor (wired a bypass and got it working - but this is years ago)
  7. gt_fan

    Drivehub with PS3/GT6

    The last time I tried drivehub and a Fanatec wheel on the ps3, it worked fine. I used a ps3 controller instead of a ps4 controller.
  8. gt_fan

    Can someone help me figure this seat slider installation out?

    Not sure if these links are any help or not
  9. gt_fan

    Drive Hub Racing Wheel Converter

    I just ran a test on the ps4 using the hori ps4 and my wheel - exactly same connections as on ps5. It just works the same as on ps5. Maybe upgrade your firmware or check your connections. I'm not getting the problem you have
  10. gt_fan

    Drive Hub Racing Wheel Converter

    Not sure I understand correctly - all the stuff I was doing was on the ps5. For the ps4, the ds4 works fine.
  11. gt_fan

    Drive Hub Racing Wheel Converter

    I just replaced the ds4 with the Hori Mini ps4. No other changes in connections. The only difference I can see is that I'm using the latest beta firmware on the drivehub.
  12. gt_fan

    Drive Hub Racing Wheel Converter

    @Podger Thank you very much for the tip. Picked up a Hori wired game pad for PS4 from ebgames for $36 (Black Friday special normally A$49.95) and this works flawlessly. It's not something I would buy but it's either this or letting 2k of fanatec gear go to waste. I can now use my csw 2.5 in gt...
  13. gt_fan

    How Does Gran Turismo Sport Play on PlayStation 5 Hardware?

    I'm not disputing the OP's opinion of it looking the same on a PS4 Pro but I don't have a PS4 Pro and my experience of GT Sport on the PS5 is like night and day - let me explain. I've been using a stock PS4 and a 65" 1080p TV (Sony W850A) since GT Sport was released. The picture quality of the...
  14. gt_fan

    Drive Hub Racing Wheel Converter

    Tried it on GT Sport installed on my new PS5 - works for a few minutes and then disconnects in the middle of a lap. Will work again if you disconnect and reconnect. I thought it was my old firmware on the DH so I updated to beta 2.07.1 - tried with this firmware with the same results. With a...
  15. gt_fan

    Drive Hub Racing Wheel Converter

    I've been running with some version of beta for a few years now, haven't updated in at least a year or more. GT Sport, Dirt Rally and AC work fine for me - wholly recommend the Drivehub. Edit: Forgot to mention that my CSW 2.5 and CSL LC work fine on GT6 and GT5 on the PS3 (I think I used the...
  16. gt_fan

    CSW 2.5/Drivehub/PS4 - FFB settings for GTS and AC

    What driver and firmware are you using? I've been using the beta v3.47 and Motor Driver v20 for the last six months and happy with it. My settings for GT Sport (may or may not suit you) Sen : Auto FFB : 100 Sho : 100 Abs : OFF Dri: OFF For : 50 Spr: 50 Dpr: 50 Brf: 040 FEI: 060 edit: this is...
  17. gt_fan

    Will current PS4-compatible racing wheels be compatible with the PS5?

    When I moved over from the PS3 to the PS4, none of my wheels worked - Fanatec CSR (worked on PS3 and xBox 360) and the Logitech G27. It was Gimx and Drivehub that saved the day but it was a long wait. Worst case scenario. Best case scenario - all PS4 wheels work on PS5. It's a 'how long is a...
  18. gt_fan

    Jumping from console to PC- Advice?

    This could be pc dependent - I used an i7 3770K with a GTX 1070 for years, when I upgraded to a AMD 3700X but still using the 1070, I noticed a lot of finer details and more smoothness. Just my 2 cents Edit: old cpu
  19. gt_fan

    Jumping from console to PC- Advice?

    I have Assetto Corsa and Dirt Rally on PS4 and PC. The PC versions have more detailed feedback imo.
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    Fanatec Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

    Now this is a great deal. If I didn't have one, I'll get it now.