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  1. c172fccc

    Post a pic of your real car

    The car didn't particularly enjoy getting through the gravel road with big rocks and holes to get there 😅
  2. c172fccc

    COVID-19/Coronavirus Discussion Thread (see OP for useful links)

    Second moderna dose done ✅ If I get myocarditis, so be it.
  3. c172fccc

    Volkswagen ID - General Discussion

    I did this terrible photoshop to see a bit better how the production car will look like.
  4. c172fccc

    2021 Hyundai Elantra

    I don't like how the front bumper of the N look. I still think that the Elantra is a bit weird looking and that black bumper doesn't help at all. Yep, like you said in your edit, it'll have the e-LSD, N is the top "sporty line". If they can get a smoother ride and less wheel hop than the...
  5. c172fccc

    Honda Civic - 10th/11th Generation

    First uncovered pics of the hatch. Also there's a lot of reviews out for the sedan. Here's the one from Throttle House:
  6. c172fccc

    Mitsubishi Not Dead Yet: Nissan Takes Control

    Looks pretty nice except for that high and small windows, makes it look bloated imo.
  7. c172fccc

    Silent Shadow

    They used it because it was the latest electric concept car from RR. Again, it’s from 2016 and there’s no way a car shaped like this would go through regulations, so I wouldn’t worry about the Silent Shadow just yet.
  8. c172fccc

    Ford Fusion / Mondeo Sport - 325hp, 380 lb/ft, AWD, $34,350 USD

    That’s more than cues, it looks like a sedan version of the Evos, which I bet it is.
  9. c172fccc

    Silent Shadow

    Huh? That’s a concept from 2016. We don’t know how the Silent Shadow will look.
  10. c172fccc

    2022 Nissan Z

    Because the production version hasn’t been revealed yet.
  11. c172fccc

    Project CARS 4 "Will Be The Most Realistic Simulation Ever Made"

    Man, I'm late, but what a trainwreck... SMS marketing has always been apretty bad and unprofessional. Back in the WMD days I remember a lot of marketing mistakes and surprisingly Bandai Namco made a lot of them. I didn't think it could ever be worse... until pCars 3 of course. I think a lot of...
  12. c172fccc

    Fast & Furious Crossroads First Gameplay Trailer Revealed, Due August 7

    Did SMS lose the right to F&F or what? Doesn’t look good at all and what’s the point of writting "SH1FT3R"? Edit: Oh F&F: Spy Racers is an animated movie, makes sense that the game is cartoony with unlicensed cars. SMSM might still have the license for the "real" movie.
  13. c172fccc

    COVID-19/Coronavirus Discussion Thread (see OP for useful links)

    Here (in Quebec) it's 12 weeks between the first and second shot. That's why 55% of the population had their first shot, but only 4% had both.
  14. c172fccc

    COVID-19/Coronavirus Discussion Thread (see OP for useful links)

    Yeah well my shoulder hurts a bit already, like someone punched it hard. I would be pretty pleased if that’s the only symptoms. That said, I also feel a bit tired, but I’m not sure if it’s because of the vaccine or not.
  15. c172fccc

    COVID-19/Coronavirus Discussion Thread (see OP for useful links)

    Just got my first shot of Moderna. Hoping for no side effects.
  16. c172fccc

    Honda Civic - 10th/11th Generation

    They released the video too early and made it private after an hour. You can see more screenshot here:
  17. c172fccc

    Hyundai HCD-15 Santa Cruz Pickup | Confirmed for Production

    Well it looks a bit awkward to have a bike in there.
  18. c172fccc

    Sciaru BRZFRS (BreezeFrees)

    That’s true but the screen is smaller and the seats are less sporty. We’ll see. :)
  19. c172fccc

    Sciaru BRZFRS (BreezeFrees)

    Are you sure? There is some pictures of a LHD GR86 that seems to be a lower trim level.