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  1. K1ngKlicK

    Need a bit of Tuning help

    5 5 5 is best diff, Nyordia is a noob.
  2. K1ngKlicK

    Mini Montage

    1st song: Legend. 2nd song: What? This is a song? :yuck: :lol:
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  4. K1ngKlicK

    Epic Reverse Entry!

    Yeah I'm such a nice guy, anybody want some jelly babies? :sly: :dopey: I wasn't trying to be negative by the way, I just expected something else when I clicked play :D
  5. K1ngKlicK

    West Slide Connections-Now Recruiting!

    Lay off him guys, I know he's not perfect but we want the drift community to grow not suffer. Good luck, again 👍
  6. K1ngKlicK

    West Slide Connections-Now Recruiting!

    You might as well take the "new team" out and just have WSC, it's obvious that you're a new team anyway :) Probably because it's locked buddy...
  7. K1ngKlicK

    West Slide Connections-Now Recruiting!

    Good luck guys! You thinking of a new name for the combined team or you just gonna keep it J4PSPEED?
  8. K1ngKlicK

    Favorite Drift Tracks

    :lol: Good one Sacha!
  9. K1ngKlicK

    Lock Please

    Not trying to sound like a smart ass or anything mate, just trying to help you out :sly: 👍
  10. K1ngKlicK

    Need help with R32 GTR Tune

    Ignore the bad advice from these guys who clearly don't know how to tune (no offence!) and get a RWD car. If you need help tuning an FR/MR/RR send it to me and I'll put a stable tune on it :) If you're really set on using 4WD to drift, then the drift forum probably isn't the place to be.
  11. K1ngKlicK

    360 Drift!

    Yeah... reverse entries are a bad idea in tandems too :ouch:
  12. K1ngKlicK

    Favorite Drift Tracks

    As far as normal tracks go... probably Madrid/SSR5 & various little sections on Nurb 24h that a lot of people don't know about... I've made quite a few custom tracks that my friends seem to love, and since most of the tracks PD gave us are outplayed by now, I usually prefer customs.
  13. K1ngKlicK

    Lock Please

    That would make 9... comps with no quali' have to be 8 or 16 unless you want the brackets to get confusing and messy :sick: You could have one of 'em as a backup so it makes 8...
  14. K1ngKlicK

    Blackout |

    Weird... I think he deleted me as well for some reason last time I saw him... hardly speak a word to the dude but he seemed sound, oh well.
  15. K1ngKlicK

    Lock Please

    Only 5 sign ups? :indiff:
  16. K1ngKlicK

    Blackout |

    How come?
  17. K1ngKlicK

    Clutch Kicking

    No FFB is just making life harder for yourself with no reason though? FFB gives it more realism I would think?!
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    It ain't a D1 section Dean, it's an imaginary track! :sly: But yeah, that S-Bend is good for learning transitions and keeping a tight line.
  19. K1ngKlicK

    Team wcbh recruiting

    Get a couple more members first, get some pictures, and tell us what your aims/goals are. Take a look at this thead dude...
  20. K1ngKlicK

    Team wcbh recruiting

    your* :lol: OT: You won't have much luck with a thread like this, take a look at the other team threads and see the difference between yours and theirs :)