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  1. guywithanAE86

    Toyota Doesn't Want Its Cars in Games With 'Illegal Street Racing'

    Eh Ferrari and Honda did it too, Toyota'll get over it too.
  2. guywithanAE86

    Toyota GR Supra First Drive Review: Worthy of the Name

    It's not a Supra though. Its a glorified BMW posing as a Supra. I just don't see any Toyota in this car at all. It's frustrating how every Toyota sports car lost LFA is gonna be collaborated since Toyota is so petrified of the thought of losing money. I think it looks great and I'm sure it...
  3. guywithanAE86

    AE86, Porsche 962C and more leaked by PD, coming to GTS!?

    Sweet Jesus finally...I'm gonna have to pick this up again.
  4. guywithanAE86

    The New Toyota Corolla Hatchback is the Latest #SaveTheManual Ambassador

    They've only been backing off games since last year, and from what I've noticed it's mostly street racing styled games they're not involved with, like NFS and Forza Horizon. Honda and Ferrari did that a few years back too if I remember correctly. They're still in GT and that's better than...
  5. guywithanAE86

    GT Sport (November) Update Theory Discussion

    This is just a wishlist lol. Well in that case what I'd like to see is Trial Mountain making a comeback. That's been my favorite GT track since I was 5 years old, I've got god knows how many photos of cars sliding around that track's scenery lol. As far as cars, I just want my AE86 back. I...
  6. guywithanAE86

    POLL: How old are the GT sport players ?

    23, I've been playing GT since GT3's bundle with the PS2 I got for Christmas. Right on :)
  7. guywithanAE86

    F1 2018 Releases on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on August 24

    I guess I'll go for this. Never had an F1 game before. Hopefully we won't be seeing out of those halos if you go cockpit view.
  8. guywithanAE86

    The Fast & the Furious Franchise Headed to Netflix as an Animated Show

    Man what's with those PS3 graphics. That Z looks absolutely tragic. It's pretty smart though if you think about it. Now this way the franchise can revive Bryan O'Conner without reviving Paul Walker from the dead by having to play their trump card: Bad yugioh jokes aside, I'm hoping it's at...
  9. guywithanAE86

    Toyota Supra (A90)

    Those rims are still not super cool, but yeah someone said they're just BMW placeholders. Even if they are lame the aftermarket can easily fix that. The shifter's the only thing I'm worried about now, I hate BMW shifters. Hopefully Toyota can make their own take on that, or again aftermarket...
  10. guywithanAE86

    Most races finished without a win

    My only goal is to not be last at this point. I've just accepted I can't put enough time into practicing, and I'm not talented enough to win just off that. I'm happy that I can usually get in top 8, and I rarely spin off now :) I've only won once in like 50 races, and that was in a one make...
  11. guywithanAE86

    Gr. 4 is pointless in Sport Mode

    So you want to ban a low, entry grade racing class's not as high grade as a mid-grade racing class. Okay. Personally I love Gr.4, it's way more exciting diving into corners with the lower downforce keeping you on your toes. You really need to concentrate to pull off good lap...
  12. guywithanAE86

    Kazunori Yamauchi Teases Next Batch of GT Sport Cars, Update Coming Next Week

    still no AE86. I'm a little surprised we haven't gotten that or any Silvias or a Z car yet. I'm sure they'll come eventually, PD have been doing pretty good lately with the older Japanese stuff we all grew up on in the classic GT games :) That said, I'm not upset at all. I'm pretty stoked...
  13. guywithanAE86

    Gran Turismo Sport: General Discussion

    Now that I've slowed down a bit and taken more time to work more on making racecar liveries and all that, I've found myself really enjoying the soundtrack. I'd argue the GT series never had a bad soundtrack, but I feel like they really knocked it out of the park with this one. Some of the...
  14. guywithanAE86

    Most enjoyable cars to drive in GT Sport

    Das Schupra bro. Seriously I'll never get tired of either biting down corners in that heavy Supra as it guns out of a corner or whipping an 86 around one in a slide. I hope PD implement competitive drifting soon with this FIA thing about to drop.
  15. guywithanAE86

    Deliberate offending by Japanese drivers in the Daily races.

    How do you think I feel? You know how embarrassing it's been to be American for the last 20 years? There's a few good reasons I can think of as to why the rest of the world hates us lol. But not to get too political, this is just a game about racing. Also dude, sorry if that comment I made...
  16. guywithanAE86

    Deliberate offending by Japanese drivers in the Daily races.

    I notice I get hit by Brazilians more often than not. Granted lots of Brazilians are also super fast, and I have some good racing with them. Americans are clean for the most part to me, but there's always the bad apple. You can't just accuse everyone who shares a nationality to have the same...
  17. guywithanAE86

    [NE-21194400] Error

    I managed to get in on my third try. I wonder what happened, did PD make a statement other than that they're aware of the issue? Sony blew out their server or something?
  18. guywithanAE86

    Best Gran Turismo POLL

    I'll always look back on 3 fondly, that's what got me into cars after all. I still revisit that and I'm still impressed by the style that game has, and the visuals still look good I think. Just not on a very high resolution TV lol. Sport's great too, it just needs a few more cars and that...
  19. guywithanAE86


    That's interesting. I'm in servers crammed full of Americans, Canadians and Brazilians and the majority of my races are pretty clean. It's my fault more often than not when I get involved in an accident and even then it's mostly just love taps. Probably just the time I play at, since the kids...
  20. guywithanAE86

    Need For Speed Payback General Discussion

    Seeing that 240Z made me instantly over Toyota's exclusion. I'm liking seeing grip builds actually well, grip now lol. Makes me wonder if tire consumption is something to consider for an update or something to balance drifting still being faster around corners?