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    PS4 Unofficial Leaderboard

    Nice. the display problem is gone. Looks very nice. I'm also digging the points system.
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    PS4 Unofficial Leaderboard

    Added my first lap time. It'll be fun to see it grow :cheers: Just one thing, the format doesn't really work on my iphone (the width is wrong in the table, makes it ugly)
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    PS4 Unofficial Leaderboard

    Great idea! What I would love is to have a self-claimed division (sort of like what what GTP WRS has). That way I don't compare my lap times with aliens?
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    2 more cars for each brand in the game, what would you suggest?

    I only have two wishes (from one maker): BMW - M2, M6 GT3
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    PS4 Problems So Far

    Is there a way to get a whole circuit map instead of the zoomed version on the bottom left of the HUD?
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    The Assetto Corsa Photo Thread

    I'm assuming all of these photos are on PC. Is it possible to get a photo from PS4 version? I know there is a replay video, but there is no photo options (nor option to "place" a camera like you can in GT6 replay mode).
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    Share your favourite car/track combination.

    Started playing AC on PS4 very recently. Still learning tracks that are not in GT6. BMW M235i on Nurburgring Endurance / Cup Ferrari 458 GT2 on Monza Lotus Evora GTC on Imola That's about it for now
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    Gran Turismo Sport - Master Car List

    Apology for sounding like an request, but I didn't intent to be neither a speculation nor a request. BMW VGT is on the list without a picture. I haven't seen or read anywhere about BMW VGT on GT Sport and I wanted to see some evidence (and a picture would be a good proof). The car being on the...
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    What wheel will you be using

    Trying to choose between T300RS and Logitech G29... Can't decide I haven't read up on the new TM wheel that was revealed at the event. Any news on that front?
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    Gran Turismo Sport - Master Car List

    Anyone have pictures of BMW VGT (perhaps an interior view?) :dopey:
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    GT Sport Livery Editor Thread

    I'm definitely going to make this one, even if it takes me a while to do it: Alternatively, if someone else can do it better and faster, I'll steal it :sly:
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    BMW M2 (F87) Coupe 2016

    Some pictures from
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    Open CORE Nurburgring 24 Hours 2016

    DRR (Dragon-Razor Racing) are interested (at least I am).
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    Thinking of switching to AC (from GT)

    I am all about trying AC, if I had the hardware. My initial hesitation was that I would be investing in $1k+ for a new computer just to play AC, and wondering if it was worth the expense. Seeing that both GT7 and AC will be coming to console next year, I will hold off jumping to PC.
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    Thinking of switching to AC (from GT)

    I'm hoping AC on PS4 will be more user-friendly and relatively bug-free. I'll probably get both AC and GT7 on PS4. I think both are still long from being released...
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    2015 GTP Endurance Series: General Discussion

    Very last minute advertisement: DRIVERS WANTED! Tsukuba 4h in TCN-1 class (Race this weekend, Saturday July 18). We have Lexus IS-F CCS-R for you to drive! We are short on drivers due to various reasons. We need at least 1 driver (possibly 2). If you would like to drive for us, please send...
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    GTP_WRS Week 77 : The Little Nissan That Could

    33:700 1:11.467 1:42.334 2:07.917 2:39.834 Still have some room for improvement, but time (or lack thereof) is my enemy...
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    GTP_WRS Week 77 : The Little Nissan That Could

    Just to get thing started. Only drove for several laps. 34.419 1:13.369 1:44.769 2:10.669 2:43.502
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    2015 GTP Endurance Series: General Discussion

    Assetto Corsa is coming out to PS4 next year, and GT7 is also rumoured to be out next year. I hope the GTP ES will continue whatever might be the case.
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    Open BMW M3 2-hour VLN Endurance

    I am still waiting on possible entrants. Need to fill the grid for the race to continue. The date can be changed to whatever works best.