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    Forza Horizon 5 Confirmed Set in Mexico, Launches November 9

    I love mexico, so I can't wait!
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    [1.7.1] GT5 Master Mod

    See, I would love to mod, but I'm afraid of bricking my PS3 and I don't have ethernet. Just wireless in my house. Can you still join using Wireless connection or does it strictly have to be ethernet? If I can, I'm 100% thinking of getting this done.
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    Tell you all what makes me happy... Everyday I listen to a gig in my earphones, while I look around countries on Google Earth. Go for an hours walk, come back, go on google earth and listen to a Metallica gig in my earphones. Makes me feel great. I'm going to start saving up so I can go to...
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    [Tutorial] How To Get The Car and Wheel Color Sample Cars (The Proper Way)

    Works perfectly. Thank you very much! :cheers:
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    DIRT 5: General Discussion

    So almost two weeks later, and I'm up to Chapter 3 in the career mode. The career mode isn't too bad, but it lacks rally stages. The closest thing to a rally stage is the % races where you race to a certain point. If you don't take the game too seriously, it can be a lot of fun for an arcade...
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    Why Gran Turismo 6 was not as successful as GT5 and GT4?

    It was also the worst game for collecting cars. They got rid of the Used dealership, and you could only have 500 cars in your garage at a time. Of course there was the stockyard, but from personal experience I hated that feature. About 1200+ cars (correct me if I'm wrong) in the game, and we...
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    DIRT 5: General Discussion

    Bought Dirt 5 yesterday for PS4, got it for £30. Currently been on Dirt 5 for 2 hours for the first time, and I’m already addicted to the Playground mode. Haven’t even done any of the career mode events yet. Many of these creations are amazing. Keep telling myself I’ll play one more creation...
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    [Mod] Gran Turismo 2 plus (bug fixes, restored content and new content)

    Ahh right i’m sorry for posting it here. If a mod wants to move my post into that thread then feel free. Yeah I just saw it on Instagram n thought it was pretty cool.
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    What games are you playing now?

    Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag on the PS4. Not a fan of naval combat, however, it becomes a lot better once the ship gets upgraded. Just got up to Sequence 7. Black Flag is an amazing experience. Highly recommend this game to anybody who hasn't played it yet.
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    Music The Metal Thread

    Been listening to a lot of Bathory lately. Amazing band! + the latest Metallica gig arrived in the post too.
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    Underrated GT1 Cars...

    Fully tuned S14 Silvia K’s ‘95 👍 480HP fully upgraded, and is quite fun to race with.
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    Forza Motorsport 7: General Discussion

    I played the hell out of Sebring on FM5 & FM6, so at this point I'm all burnt out with that track. 81 Laps on FM7 was awful for me, had to put on YouTube to keep my interest lol. Each to our own though, if you like it I'm glad you enjoy it. Leveled up quite a few times after Sebring, got...
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    Forza Motorsport 7: General Discussion

    I’ve done the Spa race but not on extra long. Le Mans 250 is with the Porsche 919 Hybrid.
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    Forza Motorsport 7: General Discussion

    Did Sebring 300 yesterday. Glad I got that over with, can’t stand Sebring lol. It’s amazing how people can do it on extra-long for 9/10 hours. I couldn’t bare 3 hours of Sebring Nevermind 9/10. Le Mans 250 endurance is next now. Love Le Mans so that one will be good.
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    What games are you playing now?

    Gran Turismo 1. Doing the Lightweight cup.
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    Download GT HD, still (?)

    I bought it for £30. The game, or demo is such a tease. Wish they released the full thing instead of abandoning it. 😖
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    Racing game Research

    Done, submitted.
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    Project CARS 3: General Discussion Thread - Out August 28th, 2020 on XB1/PS4/PC

    I see your point. Renaming it Project Cars Shift or something along those lines would have most likely caused the game less criticism. Like, imagine if Gran Turismo Sport was named Gran Turismo 7? Yeah, the marketing wasn't that great especially the appeal to all sim fans like you just...
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    Project CARS 3: General Discussion Thread - Out August 28th, 2020 on XB1/PS4/PC

    I agree. PC3 is really fun to play, it's a decent arcade racer, overall the game is really good for what it is. Never liked the Grid reboot, however I can get comfortable with PC3 and have some fun with it. Great graphics, great gameplay, nice car list, happy days in my book.