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  1. SoullessApples

    Fast and Furious 9 Trailer Shows the Franchise Isn't Slowing Down

    I watched plenty of movie trailers in my short life. None have made me laugh as hard as the plane catching the car and then dom somehow finding away across that cliff. Then Han pops up out of nowhere. A+ Will see.
  2. SoullessApples

    Need for Speed HEAT Revealed, Arrives November 8

    It’s like they were in my head. I’ve always wanted a underground x pro street x nfs2015. Omg they actually delivered (hopefully they have Honda’s)
  3. SoullessApples

    Need For Speed Heat - General Discussion

    Just give me pro street combined with underground with 2015s customization and I’ll be fine. I really loved pro street.
  4. SoullessApples

    Daily races are now WEEKLY races (POLL)

    I don’t mind, now I don’t have rush qualifying after work anymore. Since there are three spots for daily races they could change at least one daily for people who prefer it.
  5. SoullessApples

    FIA Race Discussion [Archive]

    I don’t think I’ve ever been this mad, but the race today at blue bay.... Badflounder. Don’t race with him. Kept blocking me so we ended up with a gap between 15th and 14th. To make it better I went for a pass and He would keep tapping me. So I tried one last time and he spins me out, I get a 10...
  6. SoullessApples


    Ahhhh we all feel like this after we get divebombed the first corner or someone uses us as brakes. Happened to all of us, you’ll get use to it.
  7. SoullessApples

    FIA Race Discussion [Archive]

    I really hate the gr3 NSX. I wish it was like the gr4 version...... sucks I can’t even tweak it just a little. Enjoying the races though (hoping PD adds a GR4 and GR3 fk8 type r....)
  8. SoullessApples

    GT Sport Update 1.22 Discussion Thread

    Free roam? Would be a nice little touch.
  9. SoullessApples

    GT Sport's Next Content Update is On Its Way

    Still waiting for a civic or Integra to thrash around Tsukuba
  10. SoullessApples

    GT Sport Update 1.15 Coming March 29 - BMW E30 M3, Tsukuba, and More

    Tsukuba makes me verrrrry happy. Wish I had a civic to drive on it. Hopefully trial mountain comes next
  11. SoullessApples

    Kazunori Yamauchi Teases Next Batch of GT Sport Cars, Update Coming Next Week

    No s2000, NSX, Ek9, EG, or Integra type r. Am sad
  12. SoullessApples

    Willow Springs: certain track is missing ?

    That’s big willow. Havent gone online yet, anyone else got anything? One of my favorite tracks....
  13. SoullessApples

    Gran Turismo Sport 1.13 Update Now Available

    Love the update now add some Honda’s
  14. SoullessApples

    The Undeserved Failure of Split/Second, Blur and ModNation Racers

    I really felt bad for UFG. Modnation was an amazing game. In my opinion, the best Karting game ever made other than CTR. Tons of fun, sleeping dogs was also amazing. They didn’t get the credit they deserved. Blur I played the beta and loved it but never got around to buying it, same goes for...
  15. SoullessApples

    Willow Springs... WHY?!

    My sides dude never thought of it like that
  16. SoullessApples

    New TT Isle of Man: Ride on The Edge Trailer Reveals March 2018 Release Window

    I saw TT and thought tourist trophy. Maybe some day :(. This game does look interesting though
  17. SoullessApples

    Patch 1.10 - new single player mode "GT League"

    Not sure just being hopeful
  18. SoullessApples

    Patch 1.10 - new single player mode "GT League"

    Ok definitely buying a wheel now. Hopefully they add trial mountain and Tsukuba. Just have to update VR and I’ll buy that to
  19. SoullessApples

    Gran Turismo Sport: General Discussion

    Anyone know why they got rid of in game voice chat?