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  1. Darren.

    TV Robot Wars

    Episode certainly was what I expected. Won't spoil but if you haven't seen it yet, I urge you all to go see it. Pumped for next weeks final. 👍
  2. Darren.

    Formula 1 The 2017 F1 driver transfer discussion/speculation thread

    Well, that was totally out of left-field. And now one lucky driver is about to get the chance of a lifetime...
  3. Darren.

    The Crew: Wild Run Edition

    I think he means the Xbox Games with Gold promotion in 4 days, when The Crew is being made free.
  4. Darren.

    Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2005) Who Still Plays?

    There is actually one more variant of the M3 GTR Race Car. There is a stock version (the red one), the M3 GTR you win at the end of the game, and this: This M3 is the exact one which is used at the Prologue of the game, and has quite modest stats. Surprisingly its handling is better than the...
  5. Darren.

    GPU Upgrade w. 750w + crossfire only MB

    Yup, 1070 is set to be the best bang for the buck card again. Titan X level performance for £300~? Coming from my 960 (which replaced my dead 760), that's one heck of a leap. If OP can afford to save a bit longer, the 1070 is his best bet. Not to mention the power consumption will likely be very...
  6. Darren.

    GPU Upgrade w. 750w + crossfire only MB

    I'd wait out on getting a GPU until the Nvidia Pascal cards are released, which are presumably going to be unveiled this friday. If they still have a really good performance to price ratio, the GTX 1070 could be a real winner in the next generation of GPU's. I really hope to see a repeat of the...
  7. Darren.

    Need For Speed (2015)

    I've been wondering if the physics will maybe get an overhaul soon, seeing as wheel support is coming to PC. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense for them to use the current Burnout-esque physics model on a wheel, it would be very weird to me at least. Just a thought on my mind... one I hope is...
  8. Darren.

    What Phone Do You Have?

    I personally use the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. Easily one of the best phones I've ever used - fluid skin of Android, powerful hardware and phenomenal battery life. I use my phone quite regularly for Skype and general phone calls, and after 3 days I'll be at 30% charge. Simply amazing.
  9. Darren.

    Doctor Who

    Words are not needed to describe how awesome this is. Hope this becomes the new main theme.
  10. Darren.

    Is a 4GB laptop good enough?

    If you are using things like Photoshop, 4GB of RAM will be enough, unless you plan on working with a large number of layers, in which case you will start to hit the PC's limits. 6GB of RAM will be what I advise you to get, 8GB if you want breathing room. I personally run on 8GB of RAM myself...
  11. Darren.

    Doctor Who

  12. Darren.

    Doctor Who

    I only have one word to say about this episode: Wowzers. Brilliant TV, probably the best episode since the Turn Left/The Stolen Earth/Journey's End three parter. First episode where I felt like the episode was not going to end up with a happy ending, and kept me on the edge from start to...
  13. Darren.

    Doctor Who

    Yeah. Although, after four years playing the role (in varying forms during Series 7a), I think she called the right time to hang up her shoes and pass the baton onto someone new.
  14. Darren.

    Doctor Who

    And the hunt for a new companion begins, if this is to be believed:
  15. Darren.

    Windows... 10?!?

    It is obvious, but I would have thought there would be more hold-outs than people just diving straight in for the upgrade. As is usually the case with new operating system releases.
  16. Darren.

    Windows... 10?!?

    Those numbers are quite impressive. Looks like we have a Windows 7 redux on our hands here, and it wouldn't surprise me if it overtakes Windows 7 at some point in the next year or so. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
  17. Darren.

    Windows... 10?!?

    75 Million already? Does anyone know how Windows 7 compared to this, after it being out for four weeks? I'd be interested to know.
  18. Darren.

    Need For Speed (2015)

    I'm getting quite worried about the physics. The physics of this game, in my eyes, look quite awkward. In full grip mode, the physics look very disjointed and not fun to use. However, everything else looks too drifty to me! I really hope theres some kind of middle ground, or if its just the...
  19. Darren.

    NFS ProStreet King Guide

    My main cars went like this: Grip: Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R Drag: Shelby Mustang GT500 Speed Challenge: Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R Drift: Mazda RX-7
  20. Darren.

    Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes/The Phantom Pain

    I don't believe this is the case, no. I think the original plan was to do that, but "Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain were originally supposed to be released together, but The Phantom Pain‍ 's long development time resulted in Kojima splitting the project into two parts to allow players to...