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  1. Rennsport

    Ruf ctr2

    Hi guys/gals, I'm looking for a low mileage RUF CTR2. The lower the mileage the better! In return, i'm willing to trade (1) of the following: 91 Acura NSX RM fully upgraded 09 Ferrari 458 fully upgraded 10 Lexus LFA bone stock 10 McLaren MP412 bone stock If these cars are not what...
  2. Rennsport

    What is wrong with the Enzo?

  3. Rennsport

    Favorite car to drive?

    1. McLaren F1. I haven't modified this car save for a chip and racing slicks. An absolute joy to drive. 2. Ferrari 458. This car is brilliance on 4 wheels. My lap times always go down with this car. It's so easy to be consistent, and super stable in all situations. 3. Ferrari F-40. Fully tuned...
  4. Rennsport

    Is your REAL car in Gran Turismo 5?

    No Porsche = no 944 🙁
  5. Rennsport

    Cars you would love to see Premium

    RUF Yellowbird FTW
  6. Rennsport

    McLaren F1

    I need a stock McLaren
  7. Rennsport

    McLaren F1

    Both, plus additional cars
  8. Rennsport

    McLaren F1

    I'm in need of a McLaren F1. I have a Lexus LFA with approximately 30 miles (Modifications included). I also have a Mercedes SLS with 8 miles (bone stock). I am willing to trade these two cars, plus some of my collectors editions (Mercedes Gullwing, BMW M3). Thanks, Sean M.
  9. Rennsport

    Mayerwerks M5

    Shelby Cobra 427 *Ring Tested* Racing Medium Tires. Car is bone stock except for suspension and stage 3 weight reduction Ride Height Adj F: -6 R: -6 Spring Rate F: 8.5 R: 10.5 Dampers (Extension) F:8 R: 8 Dampers (Compression) F: 6 R: 6 Anti Roll Bars F: 3 R: 4 Camber Angle F: 0.0...
  10. Rennsport

    Mayerwerks M5

    I'll give it a try
  11. Rennsport

    Mayerwerks M5

    Glad you liked the tune:tup:. Thanks for the feedback:)
  12. Rennsport

    Mayerwerks M5

    Those are stock, so no settings for those. The car is running every available upgrade except for Exhaust, LSD and Transmission.
  13. Rennsport

    Mayerwerks M5

    Tuned using Race Medium tires. All aids OFF. Comments and suggestions are much appreciated. Ride Height Adj F: -5 R: -5 Spring Rate F: 12.7 R: 11.8 Dampers (Extension) F:7 R: 7 Dampers (Compression) F: 5 R: 5 Anti Roll Bars F: 3 R: 3 Camber Angle F: 0.0 R: 0.0...
  14. Rennsport

    GT5 Sound Thread

    Try the Shelby Cobra. Sound is dead on. You can even hear the whine of the supercharger. I LOVE THIS CAR
  15. Rennsport

    GT5 First Impressions

    load times are ridiculous
  16. Rennsport

    Any stores planning a midnight launch?

    Checked with my GS today. No midnight release 😖👎
  17. Rennsport

    To all the "I'm tired of whiners" folks out there - a moment of reason

    Frankly, after 6 years without a GT game, i'm not gonna be happy. Just sayin...
  18. Rennsport

    GT5 Online Mode

    PSN: Rennsport
  19. Rennsport

    Most Desired Tracks Ranking

    Buttonwillow Raceway Park (RW) Infineon Raceway (RW) Streets of Willow (RW) Willow Springs Raceway (RW) Spa (RW)