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  1. Mr Satay

    New Codemasters Rally Title is DiRT Rally 2.0: Releases 26 February 2019

    Ahhh yes thats right =( What luck
  2. Mr Satay

    New Codemasters Rally Title is DiRT Rally 2.0: Releases 26 February 2019

    Nice! Evolution Studios made the first WRC games on PS2 and that studio is now with Codemasters, things are coming full circle
  3. Mr Satay

    Microtransactions Have Arrived in Gran Turismo Sport

    Nothing wrong with Microtransactions in this game. Because you cant really pay to win online, there are no exclusive cars, the expensive cars you still have to play and earn credits for and considering all DLC is free, its a good way to do business considering the game will live or die according...
  4. Mr Satay

    What car has left you pleasantly surprised?

    Aston Martin Vantage S road car, the race car is good too then I had a go in the road car and I really love doing laps in that thing, its very capable for something that heavy
  5. Mr Satay

    Rims in Gran Turismo Sport

    It is a bit of an oversight but it also makes the pistops equal for all cars, since a single nut is quicker than 5 etc, its just easier to have one or two different pit stops modeled then put that on all the cars.
  6. Mr Satay

    Is it time to bin Sport Mode?

    I think its fine, just like in real life racing sometimes you win sometimes you get crashed out. Factor in its all online im amazed at how well it works in the real world.
  7. Mr Satay

    Classic NFS discussion

    NFS III and High Stakes are epic nostalgia trips for me, alot of it is in the music but the menus and images too. I think High Stakes is the better game but III has its moments and proves you dont need a huge car list to make a good game. The tracks for both are great too. I really like the...
  8. Mr Satay

    Blue Moon jet noise

    I think its really cool and adds to the atmosphere to an otherwise somewhat static game
  9. Mr Satay

    Blue Moon jet noise

    Why would you want this? Genuine question
  10. Mr Satay

    Does anyone miss Tsukuba?!?!?!?

    Id much rather Twin Ring Motegi instead of Tsukuba atm
  11. Mr Satay

    Revenge is sweet!

    ^ That happened to me once, getting hit by someone trying to get someonelse, I just laughed and when the race was over I was like you got the wrong guy lmao.
  12. Mr Satay

    Revenge is sweet!

    Sadly I forgot his name bhaha, I was just happy to return the favor. Ill race clean but if you wanna hit me off the track because you are not good enough to find a way passed cleanly expect consequences.
  13. Mr Satay

    Revenge is sweet!

    Sadly I forgot to save the replay but I can explain this as best I can. Racing tonight in the Manufacturers Series at Autodrome Lago Maggiore (West) and I start from pole position in the Ferrari. 2nd place is a BMW M6 and he is right behind me after a couple of laps, we are well clear of the...
  14. Mr Satay


    In 20 years of playing playstation Ive never had a save corrupt on me, Ive even had a memory card go through the wash and it was fine, so I think its entirely ok for people to get annoyed when it happens, but not to the point where you have to back up everything, thats what PS Plus is for.
  15. Mr Satay

    Who's been banned?

    Ive noticed some of my favorite Dunlop logos have been taken off the servers, now I know they arnt offensive however maybe the person who uploaded them got banned and now their uploaded decals are gone too?
  16. Mr Satay

    New Penalty System killed the "racing" in GTS

    I find most of the time if I hit someone due to lag I wont get a penalty, so it cant be that harsh, whats harsh is how much you have to slow down to scurb off any penalty time, mostly because you dont ghost and others end up hitting you even when you are off line and on a straight.
  17. Mr Satay

    [SURVEY] - What's your favorite original circuits GT franchise and you want in GTS? (Five choices)

    No rally circuit love? Some of those tracks were pretty sweet like the Grand Canyon
  18. Mr Satay

    Whats the deal with the disconnects since the recent patch?

    Anyonelse notice they are disconnecting from races ALOT more frequently since the patch? I sure am, I never used to disconnect until recently, both from the Dailys and the FIA championships, its absolutely horrible because it affects your driver rating something shocking.
  19. Mr Satay

    G27 wheel w/brook adapter not working

    Ah yes I sorta brushed over the Drivehub, probably because finally that solution is the holy grail haha. Good ****, be nice if it worked with PS2 and PS1 but thats wishful thinking 😛