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  1. dark_ruffo

    Most fun STOCK car on the Nordschleife?

    I did that video a while back when I used to play this game every day.
  2. dark_ruffo

    Most fun STOCK car on the Nordschleife?

    F40 for sure.
  3. dark_ruffo

    Sauber Mercedes C9

    Can't get it from a prize. Your only hope is getting it from the UCD.
  4. dark_ruffo

    Are you faster than your best BOB?

    This is not even a challenge XD
  5. dark_ruffo

    720 vs 1080P

    It's actually 1280 by 1080. That makes it two thirds of the real 1080p. Not bad, really.
  6. dark_ruffo

    Ferrari 330 P4 race car

    It's great, buy it. Or glitch it or wathever.
  7. dark_ruffo

    What other cars handle like the Elise/VX220/Speedster?

    There is a car that has a very fun handling, I can't remember the name, I think it has a logo with a wheat crop in it.
  8. dark_ruffo

    Thumbs Up/Down for tire wear 2.02

    So where's the poll?
  9. dark_ruffo

    How to turn off 3D on GT5

    So it worked Tree'd haha 👍
  10. dark_ruffo

    How to turn off 3D on GT5

    With the PS3 powered off, hold down the power button until you hear two beeps, then release the button and the image settings of the PS3 will go back to default and it'll ask to reconfigure resolution, video output and stuff. Maybe that will force GT5 into 2D again.
  11. dark_ruffo

    Air of experience trophy

    The shortest race you find is OK. I did like 400 sunday races to get it. This is the most stupid trophy to earn, so the less time you spend getting it, the best.
  12. dark_ruffo

    Sharing Driver online

    It's the current "form" your driver is in. If he is green, he is most likely to win the race, if he is orange, he won't perform as well.
  13. dark_ruffo

    Sharing Driver online

    It lets your friends use your driver(s) for B-Spec remote races.
  14. dark_ruffo

    Absurd Amounts of Solar Flare?

    It's worst on snow roads.
  15. dark_ruffo

    Gran Tour Eiger: Help...

    Beat the time by 0.005. It seems it took him a hell lot of tries to beat the time by that bit of a margin. While "gripping" has like 2 seconds of margin. 1.15 times are feasible.
  16. dark_ruffo

    euro look

  17. dark_ruffo

    Dropping Frames (fps)...

    You crazy son. But there are a few times where the framerate might drop noticeable, on tight corners, on traffic jams, on city tracks...
  18. dark_ruffo

    Vettel X Challenge: Which track is the hardest?

    It took me more tries to beat Nurburgring than Suzuka. I knew every inch of Suzuka beforehand, but Nurb GP was a new track for me to drive in, so I was still learning the best lines while trying to beat the times.
  19. dark_ruffo

    Martini licensing

    All Martini cars in the game have the logos changed or missing. So I'm guessing that they didn't want alcohol advertisement to be in the game. Cigarette ads are also missing.