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    GT Sport Update Arrives This Week, Adds Lewis Hamilton DLC - But No Laguna Seca

    Glad to see the addition of the e46... Now PD just need to fill the gap between the e30 & e46.... I.e, where is the e36 love?
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    Gran Turismo just teased Spa, Maybe?

    The game is terrible because it doesn't have Laguna Seca. And that the ONE thing I ever asked for is the Mercedes-Benz 190E Evolution II.
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    Gran Turismo just teased Spa, Maybe?

    My favorite time of day setting for the Nordschleife is the overcast foggy morning option... fingers cross that Spa has a similar time of day + rain.
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    Gran Turismo just teased Spa, Maybe?

    Nah man, Laguna Seca
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    Gran Turismo just teased Spa, Maybe?

    Wow, it's happening. Please have rain. Please have rain. Please have rain.
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    GT Sport's Next Update Reportedly Due August 27

    So, update on the 27th of August which is likely to include rain? Hmmm... The Spa F1 race is on Sept. 1st...... Just sayin', it would be a good time to unveil rain in GTS as well as Spa-Francorchamps.
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    Gran Turismo Sport 1.41 Update Now Available: Adds Five Cars, More Events

    PD really nailed the 81' Porsche 911 Turbo IMO. I've really been looking forward to the addition of an ass happy widowmaker. The car is so much fun to drive/control. Break early, flick it in to the corner, and ease on the power as you swing the ass around the corner and lay down some rubber...
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    Gran Turismo Sport 1.41 Update Now Available: Adds Five Cars, More Events

    Oh man, can't wait to take this baby for a spin! Fond memories of Test Drive on the Amiga.
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    Rumors once, now confirmed (possible spoiler for next update)

    The rain hotlap looks good except for how dark the cockpit is. I wonder if they've not reduced interior lighting to get the horsepower needed for rain... Nonetheless, looking forward to Rain!
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    The Nurburgring of Japan: Toyota's New Purpose-Built Country Road Test Course

    Looks like a great track from Google earth, winding through the hollows of surrounding hills. A real deep forest. Now we just need it in GT to supplement my Ring & Bathurst track time.
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    T300rs gt ffb settings?

    I've never heard of a t300rs fan burning out. The motor is the part that fails, any safeguard to prevent overheating is recommended. Fans run constantly, for years in pc's, consoles, and other electric equipment that requires cooling... and fan failure is a very rare occurrence, largely...
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    T300rs gt ffb settings?

    Regardless of the settings you land on, plug the T300RS into a PC and set the motor can to run constantly. A lot of people complain about motor failure on these units... Setting the motor fan to run constantly is a good way to prevent overheating issues that can degrade the motor. The fan...
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    Some new cars in following updates

    Ahhh yes, the 25th anniversary Countach... definitely had a poster of that beast hanging on my wall as a child. White car with lipstick red leather interior and lighting striking in the background... if I remember correctly. Hopefully they nail the sound on this one. +1 for team 'give us the...
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    This GT Sport Easter Egg Could Reveal the Return of GT Arena

    karting... another thing to eliminate from GT, like Rally, and Nascar which was dumped this most recent cycle.
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    Update 1.32 (January Update) Now Available - 8 Cars and SS Route X

    Can't wait to experience it when GT8 comes out
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    Freedom isn't free, it costs folk like you and me...

    huh...... is this the point where us "Americans" start making generalized blanket statements about the British? Wtf are on about buddy? Also, have you driven the TVR Speed 6? Its awesome... and British. You'll probably extra love it! The new Shelby is also tight, and if you open the...
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    Update 1.32 (January Update) Now Available - 8 Cars and SS Route X

    Loving the Speed 6 handling, and the sound is growing on me, turns out there are some nice pops and burbles as you get off the gas. The car slides nicely around the ring, pretty manageable rear-end even with the stock suspension settings.
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    Update 1.32 (January Update) Now Available - 8 Cars and SS Route X

    Yeah... what a miss. The car sounds like garbage... where the deep throaty sound. This was the car i was most excited about, and PD boiler plate lawn-mowered it. sigh
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    Update 1.32 (January Update) speculation thread - update released!

    .... was hoping the update trailer would be up this morning. Need to see that TVR in motion & anxious about a new track reveal.