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  1. rexc

    Spintires: Mudrunner/snowrunner

    Yes there is a bug that it doesn't let you pack a second load, so when you go to remove it at the destination it only takes one load off and won't recognise the second. You just need to move the second load lightly with the crane once you have removed the first, and it will now pack and then...
  2. rexc

    To follow-up on my similar thread, what incredibly minute thing do you want added/fixed?

    Fix the helicopter glitching. That weirds me out when it suddenly turns back and forth like that.
  3. rexc

    Blue Moon jet noise

    It is not quite as bad as having the planes come in over your actual house, but when you hear a jet over your house AND see it on the screen at the same time the immersion is really quite impressive 👍
  4. rexc

    GT League is Everything Good (and Bad) About Classic Gran Turismo

    Around Suzuka a tyre change every 6 laps is the way to go, for an easy win. Around Dragon Trail you can do 8 if you thin the fuel.
  5. rexc

    Controllers troubleshooting

    Thanks timekiller001, that worked for me. Need to be logged in as two different Playstation users. Cheers.
  6. rexc

    Controllers troubleshooting

    Same issue with the T300. Both controllers think they are Player 1. Anyone with a work around for this ?
  7. rexc

    Thrustmaster T300 Force Feedback

    Using the T300 and agree the wheel is still very heavy even with the sliders down to 1. The wheel had far less weight in GT6. That's the feel I want to go back to.
  8. rexc

    MG X-Power SV (Super Veloce) 2003

    Loved driving that car in the old TOCA / V8 Supercar game
  9. rexc

    6/6/12 - A-spec: 500PP FR Challenge

    Definately an awesome car to drive for a win at Mt Aso. 👍
  10. rexc

    Sexy & mean car pic thread.

    ^^^^ Not only that, the guy in the white cap is Kimi Raikkonen. Here's a link to the story.
  11. rexc

    Forza 4 vs GT5 physics (read the first post before contributing)

    Ah yes, you are right, I'd forgotten Forza 2 was on the 360 as well. So 4 is their 3rd effort on this console. No wonder they've got it pretty well polished by now. It says something for doing more rapid iterations and improving as you go, rather than just trying to do one perfect iteration...
  12. rexc

    Forza 4 vs GT5 physics (read the first post before contributing)

    I think one issue to take into account (to a degree) is that Forza 4 is the second iteration of the game on this generation of console, while for GT5 it is their first full game. Undoubtably Forza learned a lot from 3 dealing with this generation of graphics, multiplayer online etc, so it is...
  13. rexc

    Arcade mode barely playable. (Help, please!)

    I used to have this regularly. Go to utilities in the game and delete the installed files and reinstall them, or just leave them uninstalled and run the game from disk. I do that now with no problems and the game seems to run a lot better. You will get an annoying message recommending you...
  14. rexc

    Top Speed of GT5 Cars V2

    Car: Plymouth Superbird Top Speed: 355.6 kph / 221.0 mph PP: 581 Aero Front: N/A Aero Rear: N/A Additional Notes : Supercharger
  15. rexc

    Aussie content petition!

    You're forgetting the Leyland P76, You know, something for a comparison between the good and the bad 🙂
  16. rexc

    Gt5 bathurst leaked?

    I don't doubt the OP is just reporting what he heard. But the guy on the phone was Playstation support. There are playstation games out there that have Bathurst in them you know. His previous support call may well have been about that very track. Now someone calls about Spa, easy enough to...
  17. rexc

    New Stars & Stripes Seasonal Event!

    Daytona is a good run in the Superbird. 👍
  18. rexc

    Get our Seasonal races BACK!!!

    Color me disappointed !! Not so much for the events as such, but they did include some really awesome custom tracks that are now .... gone. Picking a different car and rerunning those tracks was definately some of the best single player fun in the game.
  19. rexc

    Mazda 787B Instrument Cluster/Panel

    As Griffith500 says, in metric countries fuel consumption is measured as 'litres per 100 kms', not 'kms per litre' as you would expect. A higher number just means you are using more fuel to go the same distance. (ie 100kms)
  20. rexc

    Cars that look good, painted with solver chrome..

    I was racing against a silver chrome Mitsubishi FTO last night. That looked pretty cool. 👍