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  1. DaveTheStalker

    Gran Turismo 7 Confirmed to also launch on PlayStation 4, is a cross-gen title

    PS5 is few and far between. Anyone willing to spend $1,000 for this $400 console needs their head examined! If they released GT7 on PS5, it would easily be THE worst Gran Turismo launch in history. It would be embarrassingly dismal! Blame it on the chip shortage or blame it on Covid if you...
  2. DaveTheStalker

    Update 1.32 (January Update) Now Available - 8 Cars and SS Route X

    YAY, the big giant oval returns!!! To you anti-oval elitists, “It’s Festivus for the rest of us!!!”
  3. DaveTheStalker

    Now's Your Chance to Own the Gran Turismo Award Winning Art Morrison 3G Corvette

    @GTPNewsWire Velocity has now become Motortrend Televison, (Dish Network 246). I was looking up and down the guide and Velocity was just GONE. When I searched the Hopper 3 for “VEL”, MT 246 appears under “Channels” in the search results.
  4. DaveTheStalker

    Michigan State Police Put Pursuit Vehicles to the Test to Find America's Next Top Police Car

    A friend of mine builds Explorers at the Chicago plant. The Interceptors are stripped down to the point of the average person would not want to own one. He owns a 2016 Explorer Sport twin turbo V6. It actually is pretty quick for a beast of a truck. Based on things I’ve been told that go on...
  5. DaveTheStalker

    Gran Turismo Sport: General Discussion

    Is there an accurate wheel compatibility list? I’m about to sell my DFP that hasn’t been used since GT5p. It calibrates with the PS4, the D-pad doesn’t do anything which was expected. In GTS, the wheel calibrates to 200° mowed, and does nothing. Am I missing something here or is it not...
  6. DaveTheStalker

    Formula 1 FORMULA 1 Emirats grosser preis von Deutschland 2018

    A pit lane violation that went unpunished resulting in “victory” has left a very sour taste in my mouth about Formula One and the FIA’s obvious favoritism toward one particular whiny driver.
  7. DaveTheStalker

    Watch the PlayStation E3 2018 Presentation Here

    Well, that sucked. What happened to live demos like Little Big Planet or PlayStation Move. I’m sure whomever set this whole event up is patting themselves on the back. The gives me the same impression as the redesign (or wussificarion) of the Pepsi logo, “WTF is that!”. Pepsi has now gone...
  8. DaveTheStalker

    Formula 1 2018 Rolex Australian Grand Prix

    The overall presentation now without Hobbs and Matchett (and Bob Varsha), simply sucks. And when did F1 cars start going 321 mph!!!!!! That is INSANE!!!!
  9. DaveTheStalker

    Formula One Adjusts Start Light Position, Adds Third DRS Zone to Albert Park

    Well, practice started an hour late and we got to see 6 minutes of it. Qualifying started 1/2 hour early. The on-board view of the cars, ugh, I feel like throwing up!!! I can’t help but to be fixated on the damned “halo”, feeling like I am going to fall over the front of it!!! No, my v...
  10. DaveTheStalker

    Unofficial GT Sport Companion out for iOS - Finally!

    Very Cool!!! Are the “One Make” races supposed to tell you what the One Make car is?
  11. DaveTheStalker

    Formula One Adjusts Start Light Position, Adds Third DRS Zone to Albert Park

    Pretty sure my Samsung 65ks8500 has that app.
  12. DaveTheStalker

    Formula One Adjusts Start Light Position, Adds Third DRS Zone to Albert Park

    For those in the US, don’t forget qualifying and the race wlll be on ESPN2, DISH Network 143, Qualifying is at 2am ET, for one hour???? Practice is tonight at 10pm ET on ESPN NEWS 142. To quote Mr. Solo, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this”. ESPN is scattering F1 all over the place, ugh.
  13. DaveTheStalker

    Crazy ads.

    @Jordan they’ve been REALLY bad for the last 12 hours. Probably 80% of the times I refresh the News page, they take over. 2017?????? OOPS.
  14. DaveTheStalker

    Custom Race: not custom enough

    Wait, we can’t race multi-class? So, pitting my Miata against LMP cars isn’t actually happening? Qualifying, we definitely need that. I’m just glad Custom Race doesn’t have the psycho AI that GT League has from rubber-banding!
  15. DaveTheStalker

    Formula One Replaces Grid Girls with Grid Kids Program for 2018 Season

    So, it all makes sense now, free labor and exploitation of children.
  16. DaveTheStalker

    Really... Does anyone drink beer and race ?

    If you’re at a bar that has Dragon’s Milk on tap, you’d be blacked out after four! Lol
  17. DaveTheStalker

    Really... Does anyone drink beer and race ?

    Get it while you can before it goes bye bye!
  18. DaveTheStalker

    Drunk driving in Sport mode

    Drink ONE Bell’s HopSlam, you’ll be buzzing pretty hard!
  19. DaveTheStalker

    Poll: What aid-tools in sport mode should be allowed ?

    The ones that PD decides that should be allowed are the ones that ARE allowed. There you go again, dictating what is and isn’t “allowed”. Make your own lobbies and turn all of the aids off.