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  1. z71L28

    Ranking Gran Turismo Games — Where Will GT7 End Up?

    1 GT6 2 GT5 3 GT4 4 GT2 5 GT3 6 GT1 7 GTS
  2. z71L28

    Gran Turismo 7 Confirmed to also launch on PlayStation 4, is a cross-gen title

    This is great news for me since i was not planing on purchasing a ps5 and was going to pass on It' altogether.
  3. z71L28

    How do I set track map on PC version?

    Thanks if you where replying I figured it out.:gtpflag:
  4. z71L28

    How do I set ABS on cars with ABS PC version?

    When I press ctrl+A to switch on ABS I get a message ABS not available? these cars come with ABS from factory design.
  5. z71L28

    T 150 only steering input pedal shifters and foot pedals inoperative.

    All I have is steering input no pedal shifter and no foot pedals? I've reinstalled twice got same results. I have both latest firmware in wheel, and works fine with AC. So sad I was really excited about this title, i've spent hundreds on gaming PC and game does not work for me.:( Any help is...
  6. z71L28

    PlayStation 5 Sells 4.5 Million Units in Its First Seven Weeks on Sale

    Meh, don't care to own one so over GT series. Bought a ps4 just for GT sport knowing how bad the title all ready was. Moving on to PC sims, rather spend $$ on gaming PC.
  7. z71L28

    GT World Challenge Drivers Can Win Real Championship Points from Esports Races

    Ridiculous, how stupid!😖:confused::rolleyes:👎
  8. z71L28

    Time trails on PS4 constantly freeze up

    I'm having the same problem and ruined the game for me!:( 95% of the time it will freeze, it's what I do most so I'm unable to enjoy the title to My liking. Sadly pcars2 is broken for me.😖
  9. z71L28

    Tom's Reveals It's Developing a Tuned GR Yaris

    I don't doubt it puts out close to 400HP!:eek: Sick little yaris.
  10. z71L28

    Gran Turismo 7 Release Window Changed in Sony's Edited PS5 Video

    Come on you guys, like you don't know PD it will release in december 2021:lol:.
  11. z71L28

    Gran Turismo 5 Turns 10 Today

    I agree with you and it's a shame! GT5 is PD's best work.
  12. z71L28

    Gran Turismo Sport Server "Instability" Under Investigation

    The only time I spend on GT sport is for the daily races, so was a little bit upseting that I had to grind for longer to get a car that I'm not interested in. Or Chinese!
  13. z71L28

    Assetto Corsa Competizione GT4 Pack DLC Arrives on Console

    I would purchase this content in a hart beat! Butt I'm in bad terms with ACC right now, just got fed up with having to setup the same car every time I went to next track. I really hope they address this because it frustrates me to the point I don't drive this title anymore.
  14. z71L28

    Project CARS General Discussion Thread

    I LOVEEE Pcars1 this title is amazing! :bowdown:I had delated It because I did not like the driving feel on DS4 pad and to make room for new titles. I got a wheel, got Pcar2 fell in love with it as well. I reinstalled it 2 days ago, I had those negative experience because I was on pad, this...
  15. z71L28

    I've missed out!!

    I've had It for many years as well. When I got It' was on DS4 pad so was disappointed, so delated it to make room for other titles. So got wheel, then got Pcars2 and loved it. So I decided to reload It yesterday, really enjoying this title now!
  16. z71L28

    Project CARS 3 Launches to Mixed Reviews

    As soon as I saw the first reveal videos I was disappointed:yuck:. I knew right away I was going to pass.BTW just finished loading Pcars1I had removed it to make room for part 2 and other titles. When I got pcars1 I was on Ds4 pad so I was disappointed. Then I got wheel and tryed pcars2 and...
  17. z71L28

    British Touring Car Championship Game and Esport Series Confirmed, Scheduled for 2022

    If the classics where not included I would have no interest. 99 and down anything past that is to modern for my taste.
  18. z71L28

    PS4 private lobby update is out now!

    I'm on standerd PS4 with T150. So I went and read the update details and under PERIPHERALS It states below; UI Warning screen to remind the user to update their wheel’s firmware. After starting game I got a message something about updating my wheels firmware. Did everyone else get this or does...
  19. z71L28

    Assetto Corsa Competizione GT4 Pack DLC Arrives July 15 for PC

    I'm really excited and looking forward to this DLC pack. Because I like GT4 class more then GT3, GT4 cars have less modifications and are closer to there factory counter parts. Sadly I'ts so faraway:guilty: for us console guys.