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  1. Foxiol

    Laser-Scanned Sebring International Raceway Coming to rFactor2

    Very nice, I'm in a massive break (pun intended) from simulators all together (put my wheel down off the table a couple of months ago), and I'm waiting for something to "wake" my interest back again. Hopefully rFactor 2 and/or GTR3 are the ones that'll make me put my wheel back on my table...
  2. Foxiol

    Gran Turismo Sport: General Discussion

    I re-installed Dirt 3 ( a game from 2011) since I got the Complete Edition for free (PC version) and wanted to check those events and cars...and also of course after the announcement of Dirt 4 I wanted to remember how the game was, etc. But for real, after a couple of hours and when I was about...
  3. Foxiol

    Gran Turismo Sport: General Discussion

    For me GT Sport should focus the car list in real world competitions, if they want to make an actual worldwide (as I said before "Reality Show") racing competition. The list of real world cars should be composed by: GT/2/3/4/LM cars, BTCC/WTCC cars, DTM cars, Super GT500/300, Fórmula 1, GP2...
  4. Foxiol

    Gran Turismo Sport: General Discussion

    Nothing new but all good resume: graphically speaking the game looks a lot better than what we saw before (also performance got better, stable 60FPS, some tearing here and there still tho), the handling (Physics) is really good and they are working with AI and collisions to make them...
  5. Foxiol

    JENKINS, The Gran Turismo Cat

    From Mistery to Legend. ;)
  6. Foxiol

    Whats your expectation on GT Sport

    I voted "mediocre" because it is not what I expect a GT game to be. I'm not sure about you guys but I always played GT games to enjoy cars, to take a look at them, drive those cars that I would probably never own in real life, to race in circuits and have fun withe them (no stress...just...
  7. Foxiol

    Live stream Brands Hatch race - the sound!

    For Spectator Mode I think they reduce image quality a lot to keep those 60FPS so you can watch the race as smooth as if you are playing it. Those polys there can be seen in GT6 as well even in photomode because sometimes "adaptive tessellation" takes some seconds to load so you can see it all...
  8. Foxiol

    Gran Turismo Sport: General Discussion

    This does look way better (yes, you can tell even while being off-screen footage) than the game in "spectator mode" that's for sure. Perhaps the game demands more power in replay/spectator mode (happens in every racing game) since there is a lot of info and it runs at 60FPS, that's why it...
  9. Foxiol

    Gran Turismo Sport: General Discussion

    Sorry to say this but...SAME OLD SOUND. No purchase for me. :(👎
  10. Foxiol

    Gran Turismo Sport: General Discussion

    Oh well...just need to LISTEN TO THOSE ENGINE SOUNDS and if those are good...pre-ordering the PS4 + GTSport.
  11. Foxiol

    Gran Turismo Sport: General Discussion

    "The sounds and graphics are okay"...That is as vague as any information about Polyphony until date. Hope we get some actual and proper gameplay (not "off-screen" for the love of God) instead of just a lovely trailer today.
  12. Foxiol

    What to Expect?

    All aboard!!...the Titanic hype ship is waiting!! :lol: Clearly I have no idea what to expect, which is not a good feeling.
  13. Foxiol

    POLL: Will you buy a PS4 for GTS?

    No, I would do it for Horizon: Zero Dawn (this game looks amazing :drool:) and some other exclusive only games. If Gran Turismo 7 comes out by then it will be very welcome.
  14. Foxiol

    GT Sport Is Not GT7.

    I never expected something clever by Polyphony Digital and Sony marketing department at all and never will when it comes to the Gran Turismo series. I mean announcing Gran Turismo 7 for the next year as every fan in the world was expecting, NO that sure can't happen at all. I'm tired, really...
  15. Foxiol

    GT Sport - Trailers, Videos and Screenshots

    I guess GT Sport will be focused in online racing some kind of Free To Play game (probably not being Free to Play though, but it could make more sense if the game is going to have a Beta phase) with its progression system (credits based depending how you do on each race and such)...
  16. Foxiol

    PS4 pCARS unplayable on a Dualshock?? patient with the settings and such, the game is also hard to configure to PC owners of the game with a wheel. There are a lot...I mean A LOT of configurations to tweak. I know on consoles people want it to be easy to configure stuff or being "pre-made" for you...but this is not...
  17. Foxiol

    Throttle problems

    Calibrate your pedals again. Problem solved. /Close thread.
  18. Foxiol

    Career discussion

    Wipers are not automatic as far as I can tell. When the rain start you can activate them or not if you want. I mapped a button on my G27 for them but if the rain comes I am the one pressing the button to activate the wipers. So no, wipers don't depend on nothing more than just you.
  19. Foxiol

    The Project CARS Photo Pron Thread

    Some from today online with a couple of friends on PC, non edited, just pause and Fraps: